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bwog21 08-26-2006 3:36 PM

Do they have a wakeboard team, i need to wakeboard at school. I ve heard about it but never seen anything, they have a ski team but i dont think they'd like 2000 lbs of ballest in there direct drive. Any one even at San Marcos

lcky275 08-26-2006 3:41 PM

I was 8 yrs ago.... mmmmmmm those were the days

bendow 08-26-2006 7:19 PM

They do have a wakeboarding team. They go to TSR a lot. Since you're in san marcos you should definitely check it out. I'm not the best rider in the world but if you decide to go to TSR I can teach how to load the line and what not.

bwog21 08-26-2006 9:40 PM

i do go to tsr all the time, i dont think that is the team i know they have a class, im looking for a hardcore team, comps and S*#t. and ben i try to live at tsr and if you can teach me something new im down.

bendow 08-27-2006 12:12 PM

no problem Bryan. I'll be out there today, I'm riding a gator harris, white/gray lf vest, silver helmet.

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