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wakersundoggin 08-25-2006 2:12 PM

Decided to start this thread for anyone like me trying to progress on their toeside. <BR> <BR>I've read several posts in this category that discuss ts tricks but am simply looking for advice on how to improve my ts riding and jumping in general. Every time I leave the water on ts, (regular foot) I feel the boat pull and my shoulders want to square up and my hips want to face the boat and I end up catching my nose or spinning the board all the way out perpendicular to the boat and catch my toe edge. So to counterbalance this, I've been trying to land while edging on my toe edge but then I often get jerked over the heel edge which results in a nasty crash. <BR> <BR>Are you supposed to land ts jumps on edge or flat? What can I do to progress to a w2w on toeside? Where should the handle be? hips? shoulders on a ts jump? Thanks in advance for any advice or pointers.

bgeezy140 08-25-2006 3:08 PM

You definitely want to land on edge. If you are landing flat, you will have a tendency to slide back onto your butt, or even into a faceplant. Like all wake jumps, you want to keep the handle low. Try to let go with your back hand, and keep the handle at or behind your front hip.

pottsy 08-25-2006 6:01 PM

yeah, try taking off the back hand and that will work, but once you get it consistent try keeping both hands on so you dont form any bad habits

livigno 08-28-2006 11:12 AM

Work on a clean progressive edge for your TS cuts. Really stay on edge as you approach the wake. Do not break at the waist, but stand really tall as you cut in, leaning against and down on the line, looking at the wake. Stay in your twisted body position for the take off. Think about taking off from your TS edge and landing on your TS edge Stand tall through the wake and stiffen your legs for the take off. Once you get good height on your TS jumps, go for an indy grab - it's really easy with TS w2w jumps. Good luck!

wakersundoggin 08-28-2006 11:31 AM

Great advice. Getting a lot more air. Tried landing on edge with handle low at my hip. Upon landing I would bounce uncontrollably. After a few nasty over the back edge crashes I decided to try letting my back leg bend when I landed instead of staying stiff, allowing me to absorb the landing better. Going out again tomorrow and will try your advice Oliver. <BR> <BR>I'll post progress and eventually video. Hope this post is helpful for all trying to progress on their TS edge. Keep it coming.

ldebbold 08-28-2006 2:27 PM

A useful tip I saw on another similar thread that has helped me is to approach the wake ts the same way you would edge out ts for a hs wake jump. You can do this by edging out ts several times and making note of your position, especially leaning directly against the line to build tension and not leaning over your toes and bending at the waist (which usually doesn't work out too well) Once you have a good sense of what position gives you the best edge then take it out the other side and approach the wake in the same way. Edge all the way thru and pin that handle low on your front hip. Hope that helps.

wakemetoday 08-29-2006 6:19 AM

Front knee over toes!!!

wakersundoggin 08-29-2006 9:48 PM

A little progress. I went out today and tried out the advice. <BR> <BR>I can now cut fairly hard up to the wake and am comfortable with the rope low at my hip. I can get 3/4 of the way across the wake which is a definite improvement. Although I approach the wake tall, the board seems to be cutting right through the wake - I'm not getting the same amount of pop as I do on HS. It feels also like I might be absorbing but I am not bending my knees? What do I do to get the pop I do on HS? <BR> <BR>Also, I noticed that I go into the air and am landing way in the backseat, with a lot of weight on my back foot. I think this is because I am afraid of nosing it. How do you want to land on TS? I see that Ronnie just posted "Front knee over toes" - Do you maintain this stance all the way through the jump and into the landing?

chad_chinners 08-31-2006 10:15 AM

Stevie you may be losing pop because your bending at the hip a little bit. Good speed, Stand tall at the wake, and also it helped me when learning to look at the shoreline when landing. It helps keep that toeside edge when you land.

wakersundoggin 09-01-2006 4:40 PM

A bit more progress today. <BR> <BR>I tried standing up all the way through the TS cut, off the wake and into the landing. I did several test cuts out from the left side on my TS as was suggested. It helped me note my position as I attempted to make it identical to the HS cut. Most of my TS jump attempts were successful and I was landing solid 3/4 of the way across the wake. It felt better to keep both hands on the rope and at my hip. When I let go with my right hand as suggested I had the tendency to land on my butt. I feel much more comfortable cutting in on TS today and taking off. I tried looking at the shoreline when landing but this did not make a drastic difference. What did help is trying to keep my front knee over my toes. The landing still feels very unstable. Any specific help on <u>landing</u> on TS?

ldebbold 09-04-2006 10:12 AM

You work that hard and you are bound to get it man. I'm thinking you might appreciate having your weight on your back foot a little, like 60-40, when you start casing the other wake. I'm the master of case, bounce, and auger in, and you don't want to do that<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0>

wakemetoday 09-05-2006 1:39 PM

I look at the tower, wait for the rope to tighten, set my position, which shouldn't change once you're set, and edge all the way. If you're cutting through, you're leaning too hard. Don't look at the wake or shore line until you lock your position and relax. <a href="http://www.totalvid.com" target="_blank">www.totalvid.com</a> has some good downloadable instructional vids. CHEAP!

rimreaper 09-05-2006 3:36 PM

Steve, when's the next time you're goin out? If u'd like I could come w/ u and teach u exactly how to do it.

wakersundoggin 09-05-2006 6:45 PM

Thanks for the tips Ronnie T and Les D. I will try a little less weight on front foot and maintaining position while eyes on the tower when I go out this coming Friday. Thanks for the link too Ronnie, I'll check out totalvivid.com in the meantime. Patrick T - thanks 4 the offer though I'm in Colorado. <BR> <BR>Bottom line I think now is: I have the advice, I've got the practice, now I just need to grow some balls.

rimreaper 09-06-2006 5:17 PM

Opps i think i may have gotten the wrong steve

vegaskistaff 09-17-2006 11:33 PM

To help stay on edge and land on edge really concentrate on handle position. It can help you with your progressive edge, keep in close to your body and as you get closer to the wake push the handle away from the wake like to your back hip/ butt, the harder you push the more on edge you will be and more you will accellerate. also keeping that push behind handle position will also make sure you land on edge, edging way from the boat.

lfshane132 01-13-2007 4:25 PM

well your gunna want to come in with ur just up knees bent handle at ur hips have a progresive edge coming in and wen in the air move the handle a little to the wake u just left this will prevent u from turning

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