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jpwakejp 08-24-2006 9:15 PM

ok this may be a noob question but maybe someone can answer im looking at a ski centurion sport and the hull looks the exact same as the mastercraft prostar 205.... do these comp boats put out a good wake...even though they are supposed to put out no wake at 30mph....can anyone explain???

Lakewood, WA 08-25-2006 12:33 AM

my boat is a supposedly has a comp ski boat wake, and is certified for tournaments. it came with about 700 pounds ballast from the factory; which is now right around 1600 pounds. Pretty impressive wake now. <BR> <BR>John

jpwakejp 08-25-2006 6:29 AM

anybody else have any input on the older comp ski boats?

norcalmalibu 08-25-2006 8:15 AM

This question has been beat to death, but basically most wakes even old comp ski boats can produce a wake big enough for amatures to intermediate to ride it just takes alot of weight. <BR>imo id stay away from older ski centurions

psudy 08-25-2006 9:16 AM

What year of 205?

hyperlite7572 08-25-2006 9:44 AM

If it is a DD 205, if you weight it well enough, you will have a wake just like the x-1, seeing as how its the same hull, just a different engine placement. Oh and just because a hull looks the same as something else, it doesn't mean that it is. I mean look at the Tomcat, RZ2, and the X-Star..

jpwakejp 08-25-2006 11:18 AM

I didnt say it was i was just wondering how a boat that is built for comp ski.... where there is no wake can produce a wake at 20mph.... just seems odd...also why stay away from older ski centurions? Are they bad boats?

psudy 08-25-2006 12:37 PM

Steven, <BR>The hulls between the old xstar/x2/x1 are only the same as DD 205s from 1996 on. The older ones are not.

ktmwakeboarder 08-25-2006 7:41 PM

205 hull is a classic and fav among many people. Its definitely a winner since it has been continued on in the line as so many diff boats.

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