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kraig 08-24-2006 9:12 PM

I was wondering if any of you use an electric boat dolly to move your boat around or in and out of your garage? If so, which ones do you all use and if you like it or not. I am looking at picking one up and just need some info on which one and pro's and con's. <BR> <BR>Thanks for your help!

latefordinner 08-25-2006 4:49 PM

Kraig, <BR> <BR>I use the AC6 from <a href="http://www.powermoverinc.net/" target="_blank">http://www.powermoverinc.net/</a> <BR>and have been very happy. Pros: it is a 1 person job storing and hitching the boat, I have complete control and and can place the boat in the garage with no problem, and I can turn the trailer in almost 360. Cons: tweaks the tires on the rim as it rotates, sometimes the motor doesn't stop right away and you have to plan for a slight coast to stop, there is a limit to the height of a lip it will travel over, and it will only travel on a gradual slope. <BR> <BR>hope this helps.

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