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absoluteboarder 08-23-2006 4:29 PM

....could you guys tell me on average what you are getting off on msrp when purchasing a new boat? <BR> <BR>Also how much off of a non current model one year old, what would be a good deal?

duckguy 08-23-2006 7:28 PM

i got 15 k off my 75k msrp boat

live2wakeboard 08-23-2006 7:56 PM

i got 10k off and and then i got them to sell me everything in the pro shop at cost for a year!!!

absoluteboarder 08-24-2006 8:07 AM

yeah thats what i'm thinking 10 to 15 off msrp ...if your patient. Many times I see non wake board boats ...four winns for example list at 49999 and then be on clearout for 34999 or 39999 depending on the boat. Since wakeboard boats have a healthy markup this kind of reduction must also be available to the patient buyer. <BR> <BR> <BR>....anyone else care to share?

acurtis_ttu 08-24-2006 8:29 AM

you always see the best delas whenever dealers haev carryover baots from the previous year models they are trying to get rid of.

mastercraft1995 08-24-2006 9:18 AM

I got 22% of my 04 VLX. I purchased it in December of 04.

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