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clubmyke 08-22-2006 3:54 PM

is it normal for the tracking fins to hit the inner bunker when loading the boat ? <BR> <BR>I am on my third set of bunkers with the trailrite trailer.... <BR> <BR>when I spoke to trailrite &amp; the dealer they said you have to drive the boat up...due to the angle, it is way to steep to drive up unless the trailer driver continuously backs the trailer down(bad angle) <BR> <BR>when I looked at the extreme trailer, the inner bunks are 2 feet further in vs hanging off the end like the trailrite... <BR> <BR>any suggestions ?

big_xstar 08-22-2006 4:11 PM

Mike, I would say the most important thing is make sure your lined up with the trailer when coming in. You cant't rely on the trailer bunks to straighten you out. Get a good clean stright shot when coming in to power load your boat. <BR>If your not straight ahead you will take out your bunks every time with your fins. <BR>Hope that helps.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/uhoh.gif" border=0>

clubmyke 08-22-2006 5:16 PM

chino, <BR> <BR>does your mc trailer have inner bunks all the way to the back edge of the trailer ? if so how far away from the prop? <BR> <BR>thanks, <BR> <BR>mike

bog 08-22-2006 5:23 PM

on my boat I dont see how I could possibly hit the bunks with my tracking fins!! I bet your trailer isnt even designed for your exact boat. Even worse its probably designed for an I/O!!

big_xstar 08-22-2006 5:25 PM

I am pretty sure our bunks run all the way back equal with the outer bunks. I will have to look at some point how close they are to the prop. <BR>I know the prop could never hit the bunks, just cause the prop guard runs along the sides of the prop too.

big_xstar 08-22-2006 5:27 PM

Jim, it is possible to hit the inner bumks if your not lined up properly. I know for sure the Nautique he has is the right trailer for his boat. <BR>Maybe you were just playing right?

clubmyke 08-22-2006 5:47 PM

most trailers I have seen the full length outside bunks are really far apart and the inner bunks are much shorter and pushed back... <BR> <BR>I think trailrite may have screwed up on this one... <BR> <BR>can anyone else confirm with different 211 trailers?

clubmyke 08-22-2006 9:39 PM

spoke with tim on his x-2 trailer, he only has 2 bunkers and they are fairly far apart... any other takers ?

big_ed_x2 08-22-2006 9:52 PM

Same here Mike,2 bunkers and not a chance in the world for the prop or tracking fins to hit any part of the trailer no matter how off the boat might sit on the trailer.

clubmyke 08-22-2006 10:48 PM

ed, <BR> <BR>thanks.... that is pretty much the general conseneus...will call "TRIALRITE" and Correct Craft tomorrow. This makes no sense what so ever... <BR> <BR>what is really interesting is the the inner bunks run the entire lenght and the outer bunks are the shortest !!!!!!!! IS THIS NORMAL ?? <BR> <BR>btw, your pics in the "bun" thread ... wow !!!!!

clubmyke 08-22-2006 11:03 PM

here is a comparison between the extreme and trialrite.. <BR> <BR>note the exterme shorter inner bunks are placed further forward and the trialrite is all the way back and close together... <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/360314.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/360315.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by clubmyke on August 22, 2006)

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