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bthornton 08-20-2006 9:26 AM

Bought an 07 t5 and after putting just 4 hours on it it now has a vibration under very low speeds. I also have to really hammer down on it to get any power out of it. Before this problem it had plenty of power. I have the 330hp black scorpion motor. I am taking it in this week to get it looked at but I was wondering if anyone else had this problem or knows what the problem might be.

mainelaker 08-20-2006 11:43 AM

I would check the prop for damage before I did anything else.

ironmaiden 08-20-2006 12:42 PM

You have damaged your prop. Had the same thing happen to a avalanche at the beginning of the season.

krbaugh 08-20-2006 1:19 PM

Yep you hit something

bthornton 08-20-2006 4:40 PM

Thanks for the comments but I checked the prop and no damage. I also checked it to see if it was loose. It seemed tight. Any other suggestions?

krbaugh 08-20-2006 5:05 PM

Of course the best thing is to get it to the dealer but it sounds like something is wrong with the drive train <BR>the strut could be bent causing vibration etc. <BR> <BR>Does it vibrate at high speed??

bthornton 08-20-2006 6:21 PM

It doesn't vibrate much at high speed although the ride is not smooth. It almost seems like it is cavitating at times. I will get it in this week but I am just frustrated and trying to get an explanation on what couldd be the problem. I bought a new boat to avoid problems like these and this is what I get. Sucks because I should be out riding and I am running out of summer.

krbaugh 08-20-2006 7:59 PM

Well lets us know, but if you hit something it would not matter how old the boat is or what the brand is...............good luck

cbk 08-20-2006 8:45 PM

What about the wake plate on the back?

krbaugh 08-20-2006 8:47 PM

How would the wake plate cause a vibration??

clubmyke 08-20-2006 10:22 PM

really, really check you prop.. the slighest variation can do that..

ironmaiden 08-20-2006 10:41 PM

Replace the prop you may not see the damage but it's still very likely it's bent

mujibur 08-20-2006 11:18 PM

things i keep a spare of - remember they call boats a hole in the water you throw money into:-) <BR> <BR>1) Extra Prop <BR>2) Shaft seal packing (if you have this style of seal) <BR>3) Extra Alternator <BR>4) Extra Starter <BR> <BR>Not worth losing a day of riding for the cost of these parts in my book - just call it cost of owning a habit. All of these things you can change yourself in less than the time it takes to drop off your boat at the dealer, if you have a few simple tools and a few mechanical skills. Plus you can find these parts for a lot less than your dealer will charge for them and sell them with the boat when you sell it - it adds value. Anyone who has had a boat and uses the heck out of it knows that these parts are the critical ones that usually go out. <BR> <BR> <BR>I also suspect the prop myself. One thing you can check to see is if your prop can be spun by hand fairly easily while the boat is OFF, in neutral and on the trailer. If it doesn't it could be something in the alignment of the shaft to the tranny - either way like the guys say here - take the thing in pronto, the more you run a wobbly prop or shaft the quicker you start to spend more money on other parts - like shaft alignment, shaft seals, transmissions) <BR> <BR>Muji

ironmaiden 08-22-2006 12:22 PM

Brandon is your boat fixed yet. Just wondering what it was.

kraig 08-22-2006 3:27 PM

Muji- You forgot to mention a spare Impeller!! Outside of the prop on your list I would say that an impeller is the second most important!

trace 08-22-2006 7:10 PM

I bet it's the prop too. <BR> <BR>A spare belt is also cheap to keep around. I've never heard of anyone keeping spare starter or alt before, but those are definitely some of the most common things to go down. If I kept those onboard, they'd probably be all rusted out from my habit of leaving wet crap laying around before I got a chance to use them!

peterc4 08-22-2006 10:37 PM

When I bent my prop you couldn't really tell it was bent. THe damage was light but enough to cause a vibration. Fixed the prop and it was all good again.

bthornton 08-23-2006 10:41 PM

I heard back from the dealer today. They said everything checked out fine. Now I get to take it to the lake and see if they are right. The only thing I can think of is that there was something wrapped in the propeller causing a vibration and it worked its way off. Because the boat is so new I was taking no chances and figured I better get it looked at. What a waste of time but I guess I won't loose sleep over it. If I get it out on the water and it is still vibrating there will be hell to pay.

clubmyke 08-24-2006 2:11 AM

would suggest taking a spare prop along (the dealer should be able to help here).. if it still there it only take 10-15 minutes to replace..

trace 08-24-2006 8:03 AM

Did they lake test it? Lighter vibrations might not be obvious in the little tanks some dealers have for testing.

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