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wakechic06 08-18-2006 9:01 PM

Thats about all I can do on a skate. I don't do it that often, but whats the next level of tricks after those...? <BR> <BR>Any tips? <BR> <BR>Thanks, <BR> <BR>Jamie

notsobueno 08-18-2006 9:07 PM

Ride switch to get comfy going the other way. Start working your 180s around to 360s. And work your ollies. Riding and landing switch and ollie-ing are two of the most important skate fundamentals you can learn.

wakechic06 08-18-2006 9:09 PM

The wierd thing is that I skateboard regular but wakeskate goofy. So it feels weird to ollie. I can do it on a skateboard though. I know how, i just gotta work on it. <BR> <BR>thanks dtw

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