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highmarkco 08-17-2006 7:35 AM

Ok guys, I've been skating a couple of times, riding a CWB Lucky 41 I think and it's REAL squirelly! I want something that is going to be alot more stable so maybe I can try some moves on it. I am looking at the 06 Byerly, anyone have any opinions?? I love you wakeboard and when the water is good thats what I do, but the skate doesn't seem to be so bad on the knees in the chop. Any help would be appriciated. oh yeah, I'm 5'11" and about 165. <BR> <BR>Dave

notsobueno 08-17-2006 9:22 AM

IMO the Byerly with the shank fins will give you a MUCH more stable feeling ride. It's almost too much of a locked down feeling for me. I like the loose ride of a wood deck with very small fins. <BR> <BR>Are you riding the Lucky with any fins at all?

highmarkco 08-17-2006 10:18 AM

Yeah, the 2" inch ones that came with it. I also like the idea of a concave deck and little more wieght.

hyperlite_m 08-17-2006 1:59 PM

i have the 41 LF control.... i love it edges hard not too squirrly and good to learn

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