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kenteck 08-12-2006 8:19 PM

I put 65 hours last year on my boat, but what is a good average, anyone know?

jaubrey 08-12-2006 8:27 PM

We're at 570. On our 2003 X30. I think about 90 is average.

greenpinky 08-12-2006 8:28 PM

Depends where you live, I guess. Some seasons are a lot shorter than others.

ponyh8r 08-12-2006 9:15 PM

We put 320 hours on our our old Tige the first year we had it. <BR> <BR>Our '06 Nautique 210 is about 4 months old and has about 75 hrs.

mobv 08-12-2006 10:16 PM

We have 310 on our Avalanche which we purchased on July 1, 2005.

pittsy 08-12-2006 11:16 PM

we put 85 on our 06' x star which we got in the end of april! but now i messed up my finger, had surgery and i'm done for 3 months..oh well end of oct is nice and nov/dec is not bad in the good town of orlando!

waketac 08-13-2006 3:09 AM

We put about 250 hours/year on our boat. Over 1400 hours since 2001.

poserondubs 08-13-2006 3:49 AM

i got a 92..with 530...

wiz 08-13-2006 8:46 AM

i've always heard 100 hrs. per season is average for an inboard.

morgs 08-13-2006 8:58 AM

Will put around 200 on ours this season.

882001 08-13-2006 9:30 AM

mine is 17 years old 1700 hrs. i put on 100 last year

talltigeguy 08-13-2006 12:20 PM

I have 185 and am almost at the two year anniversary.

ghostrider_2 08-13-2006 1:29 PM

160, next month is our 2 year. I also ride with friends alot to.

buzz_grande 08-13-2006 3:37 PM

I live close to the lake, and have a pretty good schedule, so that may account for 468 hours on my 05 VLX. Picked it up in Feb. 2005 (17 months ago). Yea, love my baby, and my crew!

magicr 08-13-2006 7:43 PM

I think average is a relative term. If you live in a warm area you can use it longer likewise less for colder area, we use ours from mid May to mid September average about 60 hrs. and were 12 miles from lake.

jeff359 08-13-2006 7:47 PM

28 in two seasons. It sucks being hurt

showtime 08-13-2006 8:21 PM

312 hrs since i picked this boat up last august.. and spent more than a # of hrs on other boats... we have aheated lake so we try to ride a few hrs every week...

blxboarder 08-13-2006 8:27 PM

haha, ive put over 300 hours on my boat just this season, and its not over yet! I go out every day after work for three or four hours, but its time to go to college on friday, so much for that.

chocobeat 08-13-2006 8:30 PM

127 in one season <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/sad.gif" ALT=":-(" BORDER=0>

tyler97217 08-13-2006 10:20 PM

we usually get about 100 hrs a year.... <BR>I think when you say average maybe on this site it is 100 + hrs per year, but if you average over all the inboard boat owners I can guarantee you it is much less than 100 hrs a year. You just have the actual hard core folks on here....

doubleup10 08-14-2006 2:22 AM

Geez, and I thought I was really rackin' them up. We got the MC the first week in June, and have about 65 hours on it since we got it. I live on the lake, and work for myself, so I get to board a ton. However, here in North Central Washington our season is short. We hardly think about wakeboarding until the 1st of May, and by the 1st of October we are taking one last pull before we dust off the snowmobiles. I figure 20-30 hours a month for us, times a maximum of 5 months, would put us 125 or so for an average season. <BR> <BR> <BR>"...oh well end of oct is nice and nov/dec is not bad in the good town of orlando!" --- matt <BR> <BR>Matt, when you're putting in sets behind that X-Star during November in Orlando, I'm up here chest deep in snow! <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/357140.jpg" alt="Upload">

toyotafreak 08-14-2006 11:51 AM

On the other end of the scale....since spring 2003 we've averaged just over 50 hours per season. Doesn't really justify having a boat, but I can't hardly think of returning to life without it. We live 1/2 hour from a great winter lake, and 5+ hours from a good summer lake. Boating and riding is very important to us, but there are other important things in our lives right now, too. <BR> <BR>If we logged 300 hours in a year, it would sure be fun and hell yeah, we would probably be actually able to ride worth a damn, but I wonder how many other things in our lives we'd have to give up. SOME of the other stuff is important too.

acurtis_ttu 08-14-2006 11:55 AM

I've been averaging about 100 hours a season. I'm on friends boat's alot too.

j_sull 08-14-2006 11:55 AM

well season is late april til early november, but with using three boats(friends) and switching around we have had the boat a year and used it 201 hours.

c640947 08-14-2006 1:10 PM

got mine march and i am at 120 hrs. probably finish with close to 200 and i ride a lot on other's boats.

themann39 08-14-2006 6:15 PM

We have 800 on our 2000 x-5 and thats up in michigan. We only put about 50 hours on this summer though because i have been out of town since the 4th of july for work. Hopefully ill be able to put some more on it in september.

mcfatty 08-15-2006 2:13 PM

750+ on our 2002 Wakesetter.

siuski 08-15-2006 2:18 PM

115 on mine, picked it up in May

walt 08-15-2006 2:40 PM

100 hours From May 1st until now. I'll probably use it through winter too so I'll guess around 150 to 200 hours per year.

big_ed_x2 08-15-2006 2:42 PM

Started my 3rd season in may.....325hrs I ride all year.

jpshaff01 08-21-2006 6:15 PM

Whats the most hours anyone has on say a 2000 or newer boat. Are the drivetrains of the newer boats rated to go further/last longer. I got 600 on my 86 supra, put 50 on this year but missed half the michigan season.

jeff359 08-21-2006 6:18 PM

My buddies 2000 DX2 Sanger has over a grand. The thing runs awesome. He barefoots and distance skis year round. I drive for him now and then, he skis almost everyday of the week

brody 08-21-2006 9:51 PM

50 in half a summer

wakestyle 08-22-2006 3:15 PM

Had had our '05 Sanger V215 since Apr. last year. Have 153 hrs. on it thus far (avg. 75 or so hrs thus far).

pdxboarder86 08-22-2006 3:31 PM

I asked a dealer this question and he said obviously depends on area but in the Northwest around 50 hours is about average for most boats. Our season is shorter than a lot of places but I love snow boarding also so I don't mind when the white stuff starts falling.

silverlude 08-22-2006 9:02 PM

We r averaging 350hrs per season 3 yrs in a row in the Midwest area. 4-4 1/2 months ridin. 3-4 times a week with weekends 8-10hrs per day. We buy m to use m.

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