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bb11 08-08-2006 9:42 PM

does anyone have a recomendation, for a good pair of shoes for wakeskating? thanks.

deepcove 08-08-2006 9:58 PM

I have owned DVS Dresdens, byerly's and byerly II's, the byerley II's are are my fav's.

treycleaton 08-09-2006 7:17 PM

Adio quests

samhill 08-10-2006 7:46 AM

I have tried them all, but I like the Kampus shoes.

jovedawake 08-10-2006 5:48 PM

I second The Byerly 2's. I got them for free with never trying them on before, and if someone were to steal them...I would definitely spend the money and get new ones. <BR> <BR>A great shoe, but make sure it fits your foot first.

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