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johnm_ttu 08-07-2006 8:28 PM

Check out collegewakeboard.com <BR> <BR>The collegiate challenge is coming to Texas.

randyman 08-15-2006 4:46 PM

Hey guys, check out the flyer <BR> <BR><a href="http://orgs.unt.edu/ntwaketeam/Team%20Challenge/picspage_upload.html" target="_blank">http://orgs.unt.edu/ntwaketeam/Team%20Challenge/picspage_upload.html</a>

randyman 09-28-2006 1:18 PM

The University of North Texas and the Collegiate Wakeboard Association will host the 2006 Collegiate Team Challenge at the SETx Wakeboarding Lake in Beaumont, Texas. The huge success of the Collegiate Nationals has generated allot of enthusiasm, momentum, and growth over the last few years. The Collegiate Wakeboard Association has currently listed 42 teams in the US. There are 15 teams located in our region; which includes Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. <BR> <BR>The event, sanctioned by USA Waterski, will be held October 14th and 15th and feature male and female wakeboarders and wakeskaters from colleges and universities all over the United States. <BR> <BR><<a href="http://orgs.unt.edu/ntwaketeam/ctc.html" target="_blank">http://orgs.unt.edu/ntwaketeam/ctc.html</a>>

randyman 10-08-2006 12:55 PM

Hey guys and girls, here is an update on the Team Challenge! <BR> <BR> <BR>Total prizes and giveaways worth $2000 <BR>Sponsors Include: <BR>1 Houston Ski and Board <BR>2 Buywake.com <BR>3 Jones Soda <BR>4 Odyssey <BR>5 Lucky Devil Designs <BR> <BR>Teams Include: <BR>1 Louisiana Tech University <BR>2 ASU - A <BR>3 ASU - B <BR>4 Virginia Tech - A <BR>5 Virginia Tech - B <BR>6 SFA - A <BR>7 SFA - B <BR>8 Texas A&amp;M <BR>9 University of Oklahoma <BR>10 UNT <BR>11 Univ. Central Florida <BR>Pending: <BR>12 Penn State <BR>13 Rollins College <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>We hope to see you there! <BR> <BR><a href="http://orgs.unt.edu/ntwaketeam/CTC.html" target="_blank">http://orgs.unt.edu/ntwaketeam/CTC.html</a>

randyman 10-11-2006 3:47 PM

Saturday the 14th: <BR>Free ride: 8am-10am <BR>Qualifiers: 10:30am-5:30(est.) <BR> <BR>Slider Comp: 6pm <BR>Expert riders only <BR> <BR> <BR>Sunday the 15th: <BR>Finals: 10am Ė 2pm <BR>Awards: 2:30pm (est.) <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>Houston Ski and Board will be setting up a Shop for people to purchase wakeboards, bindings, ropes/handles, sandals and other stuff and will be giving MAD CRAZY deals on EVERYTHING!!! I am talking anywhere from 40-60 or 70% off!! <BR> <BR> <BR>Whatís with Jones? <BR>A picture will be taken at the event with the winning team along with there trophy and prizes. Jones Soda will send the top 3 teams a case of Jones Soda with their teamís picture on the label.

randyman 10-26-2006 2:21 PM

SETx Wakeboard Lake is freakiní sweet. There is no better place for a wakeboard tournament in the state of Texas. <BR> <BR>On Saturday the Prelims were right on schedule and everything went relatively smooth. However, Sunday was full of nasty weather. The rain just wouldnít break. After standing around soaking for most the morning, all the teams gather for a rider meeting on the dock. The weather man informed us that we would only have a two hour break, if that. What were we to do? After a discussion and quick vote we decided to have each team nominate one rider to represent their school. And so it was. <BR> <BR>The scoring was based off of INT trick values. We totaled the top 10 tricks for each run with the exception of skate which was done on a scale. We then added the menís, womenís, and skate totals for each team. The simplified results are below. <BR> <BR>Finals Standings <BR>1 Central Florida <BR>2 Texas A&amp;M <BR>3 Louisiana Tech-B <BR>4 Oklahoma <BR>5 Texas Tech <BR>6 Arizona St-A <BR> <BR>Preliminary Heat <BR>Place School <BR>1 Central Florida <BR>2 Oklahoma <BR>3 Texas A&amp;M <BR>4 Arizona St-A <BR>5 Texas Tech <BR>6 Louisiana Tech-B <BR>7 Arizona St-B <BR>8 SFA-A <BR>9 Louisiana Tech-A <BR>10 Virginia Tech-A <BR>11 North Texas <BR>12 Virginia Tech-B <BR>13 SFA-B <BR> <BR>The Teams loved the tournament! The UNT WakeTeam did a fabulous job running this event. We raffled off over $2000 worth of gear, swag, and buywake cash. Everyone went home with something whether it was a t-shirt, wakeboard, or pair of Odyssey Sunglasses. Houston Ski and Board had an insanely crazy 65% off sale. If they didnít win anything they must have bought something. <BR> <BR>The trophies were really cool too; Lucky Devil Designs did a great job. Not only did the top three teams win a custom trophy but all the riders in the top three teams received an engraved medal. Along with all that, Jones Soda is shipping the top 3 teams a case of Jones with their Team photo on the label which was taken at the event. <BR> <BR>Thanks for being there, we hope to see you in the future! <BR> <BR>Special Thanks to: <BR>Don and Joey with SETx Wakeboard Club <BR>Oliver at Houston Ski and Board <BR>Joel with Odyssey 20-20 <BR>Steve at Jones Soda <BR>Eric at Buywake.com <BR>And the UNT WakeTeam

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