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john15 08-06-2006 9:01 PM

everytime i try a kickflip i only get the board to rotate half of the way,sometimes my feet hit the board after i kick it and stop it from rotating, does anyone have any suggestions?

spadedout41 08-07-2006 5:43 AM

when you throw that shizzle after you tap for the rotation you gotta suck them feet up as high and out of the way as you can ... just my 2centz

kingfish 08-07-2006 8:31 AM

Yes I agree, also have you tried it on a tramp? Just remove your fins...Its the same concept as in the water...you can also practice shuvit's too.

cassetteboy777 08-07-2006 9:10 PM

micah you are completely incorrect, DO NOT practice shuvs on the tramp, it totally throws you off, as for flip tricks yes, SIMILAR concept, it teaches you board control <BR>john, you need to pop you ollie as high as you can, wait about a half a second longer then flick it as hard as you can, suck your feet up and make sure that the board is under you, then catch it with your back foot and ride away smooth

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