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tyboarder03 08-03-2006 10:35 PM

Im looking into buying a Roam, and am wondering before I demo an 06 how much different it is from an 05. Ive seen a lot of sweet deals on some 2005's so whats the difference in riding either, worse better thanks in advance.

thane_dogg 08-03-2006 10:38 PM

I would like to know too. I have the '05, and I want an '06.

tyboarder03 08-03-2006 11:08 PM

So Thane anything you dislike about the 2005?

thane_dogg 08-03-2006 11:15 PM

absolutely not.

surfkid 08-04-2006 12:35 AM

I hadn't ridden in at least a year until i got my roam. its an 05 and tons of fun i love it

tidalwake0504 08-04-2006 11:45 AM

Dont get an 06! The 05 is way better. The 06 is too wide, i dont like how it doesnt make you learn to really put it on an edge like the 05 does. The only plus about the 06 is the ABS side wall. Well my 06 just broke anyway, so when hyperlite sends me a board back, i've asked them to send me an 05. They all break. I've had 6 roams now, you just have to send it back to hyperlite, kinda a pain. Trust me dont get an 06. Look at Pat Panakos, he helped design the roam and he really only rides the 05.

thane_dogg 08-04-2006 6:17 PM

Colin - I think Panakos is usually riding a proto. the top is white so it looks like an '05, but it's most-likely a prototype. That's cool that you like the '05 better though. I have no problem putting the '05 on edge.

gnelson 08-04-2006 11:01 PM

I have heard there will be at least one maybe more versions of the roam from other company's coming out for 07. Anyone know anything about them? <BR> <BR>I've been debating between the 05 and 06 also. There was another recent post about this and it seemed the general consensus was go with the 06. <BR> <BR>This is the best deal I have seen on an 05. Has anyone found anything better? <BR> <a href="http://cgi.ebay.com/2005-Hyperlite-Roam-E-Core-Wakeboard-144cm-NEW_W0QQitemZ260016162438QQihZ016QQcategoryZ106978 QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem" target="_blank">http://cgi.ebay.com/2005-Hyperlite-Roam-E-Core-Wakeboard-144cm-NEW_W0QQitemZ260016162438QQihZ016QQcategoryZ106978 QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem</a>

robin_holland 08-05-2006 7:39 AM

@ Colin Fichman: I think the Roam '06 is much better on rails and sliders because of his wide. If you ride it only behind the boat, don't buy some Roam. this board is specially made for the rails kickers and sliders. And my 2006 Roam is great for this stuff! some of my best buy

chris_c 08-05-2006 7:47 AM

Nelly- in the last issue of WBM Pat Panakos said he was working with Paul O'Brien to put together a roam type board called "the covenant".

committed 08-05-2006 9:04 AM

Wait for the Convenant. Pick up the 05 in the meantime. They are cheap.

westsidarider 08-06-2006 10:52 AM

i think the 06 is a way better board. it edges way harder and you have to stay all the way on edge to get your pop. if you let off jus a little you will loose all your edge completely. <BR>robin there is nohing wrong with riding a roam wake to wake. its your personal opinion that its only goof for rails and such but in my opinion its good for everything. i wont ride a normal board ever again. i go way bigger on the roam and to me its way more fun because its more chanllenging.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/354240.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/354241.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/354242.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/354243.jpg" alt="Upload">

natter 08-07-2006 7:17 PM

I had the 05 for about two months and love it so I bought the 06 and it is way better then the 05 in my opinion. Pay the extra money and get the 06.

big_ed_x2 08-07-2006 7:36 PM

I like the 06' a lot better to.

i_ride_that 08-07-2006 11:26 PM


qbanboarder312 08-11-2006 4:57 PM

i just got the 06 and if you ride a lot of cable or do a lot of rails you cant go wrong. ive never ridden the 05 but on glassy mornings its a lot of fun

ridetilldeath 08-12-2006 1:44 PM

ive never used my roam on sliders. but i love riding it on the wake. whether im doing surface tricks or wake tricks. imo its way more fun than my absolute plat.

jovedawake 08-12-2006 7:38 PM

I have not ridden either of the two boards, but it is pretty late in the 06 season. <BR> <BR>I'm willing to bet that you will start to see some really good deals on the 06 Roams, if not already.

wakedestroyer 08-13-2006 6:46 AM

I bought an 05 roam a couple of months ago and liked it so much I havent ridden my premier since. If you have a smaller wake you can pop way higher once you learn the technique on this board then I ever could on my premier. Ive heard the 06 is better for jumping toeside than the 05 does anyone know if thats true?

getssum 08-13-2006 1:59 PM

All this talk about ROAM's is killing me! My Roam (06) had to go back to the shop for warranty because the inserts were pulling out. Problem is that there are no more replacements and I have to wait for the new ones to be released.. <BR> <BR>Weak..!!!

wakedestroyer 08-13-2006 2:54 PM

Did they say when they are releasing the new ones? Does any one know if they have a new design for the roam?

tyboarder03 08-13-2006 6:28 PM

Well I got my 2005 Roam and took it out for its virgin ride today, and about 25 minutes into my set i took a soft toeside crash and ripped my binding right out of the board... Hope warranty covers that. Quite a let down for being the first ride. <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/357051.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/357052.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/357053.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/357054.jpg" alt="Upload">

wakedestroyer 08-13-2006 8:18 PM

Wow that sucks. Im suprised ive taken some really nasty falls on my roam but instead of the inserts coming out it tore the steel bolt out the plastic cap. which i think was something they designed that way on purpose to save the board. Were you using the plastic thumbscrews that came with it or not?

westsidarider 08-13-2006 8:31 PM

hte 07 boards will start showing up in the next month and in 2 months the shops should have them all in. if you have a broken one and already have a warranty claim then u should expect to see one before all the shops... hopefully. the o7 model will have a new grafic but the board design and shape will be the same as this years. yes unfortunately the board does not hold up very well but the way the board rides is incredible so having to deal with broken boards is somethin im willing to put up with

wakedestroyer 08-14-2006 3:03 PM

Well I decided to buy an 06 just got back from the local shop. One of my friends there cut me a good deal $160. He also said he just got back from a hyperlite demo where he got to check out the new 07 boards. He said that the roam design is the same as last years. Im interested to see what the covenant board will look like anyone know if theres any pics of that floating around yet?

jay_g 08-22-2006 5:07 PM

I just orderd today, 05 Roam and 05 Era Bindings $199.99 Free Shipping <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.grizzly-sports.com/details.php?id=00057&amp;PHPSESSID=cb71505cbb250db 870ef3119e204471e" target="_blank">http://www.grizzly-sports.com/details.php?id=00057&amp;PHPSESSID=cb71505cbb250db 870ef3119e204471e</a>

magellan 08-22-2006 5:53 PM

Someone said CWB has a deck coming out that has a Roam feel but a wake to wake snap.. <BR>Any info?

jay_g 08-25-2006 9:33 PM

I got the roam today. lets hope it doesnt break

attila916 08-25-2006 10:44 PM

I would be more worried about your cranium... Concussion Jay...

jay_g 08-26-2006 3:53 PM

Roam = 2nd cuncussion in chop..........Lets hope not.

attila916 08-26-2006 8:45 PM

no kidding

norman_rider67 08-26-2006 9:14 PM

06 all the way bros

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