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hawk22 08-03-2006 3:53 PM

any opinions on these two boards? I'm looking at an 04 Parks 138 and an 05 Era 137 or 142. I'm not great, but I like to try new tricks. I can do a few simple inverts. My profile is 5' 9", 210lbs. Has anybody ridden on these boards? Also, looking at the 04 Temet bindings, comments??

wakeeater2003 08-03-2006 3:56 PM

The 04 temet bindings are my favorite bindings of all time. They have the bowa which is cool but they are still flexible. The 05 murrays which I ride now are just too stiff. I am thinking of picking up a pair of 04 Temets myself. <BR>As for the boards, the Parks is very agressive. I would lean towards the Era because I think you pick up some bad habits on a board that is too fast. Good luck BCP MIke

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