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jpmd24 08-02-2006 11:47 AM

I need some help with boat speed. I ride behind a SAN 210 with the rope at 60 feet. I am 6'9 and 240 pounds. I was told to ride at about 18 mph, but I think that is too slow. What do you guys recommend as a boat speed for me?

okwakebdr 08-02-2006 12:02 PM

60 feet is really short. The SAN is a narrow boat, and consequently makes a narrow wake. 18 is pretty slow. I have an '05 SANTE, and my wake doesn't really clean up until 20ish. <BR> <BR>I normally ride 22-23 mph @ 70-75 feet, and I'm 5'6" 165 <BR> <BR>80-85 feet is not uncommon if you wanna go a little faster (23-25 mph). <BR> <BR>Especially at your size, I'd say lengthen the rope and speed up. How much really depends on your ability.

rodmcinnis 08-02-2006 12:02 PM

6'9 , 240 lbs and ride at 18 MPH????? <BR> <BR>I pull the feather weight girls at that speed. <BR> <BR>For you I would recommend 23 to 24 MPH. <BR> <BR>As for the rope length, it all depends. Closer to the boat has a narrower wake and thus less distance to jump going wake to wake. The down side is that the wake tends to be steeper. <BR> <BR>I started off trying on a short rope (one of these days I am going to measure it) but I found that my "out of shape" leg muscles just couldn't handle the steep ramp. My legs would just buckle under me and absorb all the pop. <BR> <BR>When I backed up a bit the wake had a longer ramp to it which I could handle. Much more pop, a lot higher, longer hang time and I could go wake to wake.

jpmd24 08-02-2006 12:27 PM

Well, I definitely don't want to be considered a feather weight girl! I will definitely up the speed and lengthen the rope. The description of the steeper wake with the shorter rope is very interesting. Great advice fellas -- I can't wait to get back out there!

maxx_wake 08-02-2006 2:30 PM

I am 6'7 and 220 lbs and I ride at 70 ft and 23mph. It all comes down to personal preference but I would agree that 18mph is definately too slow.

woohoo 08-02-2006 2:33 PM

At 6'9 240 when you go 18 mph how do you even stay up, I would think at that speed you would sink down pretty low, I'm about 6'0 150 lbs and i ride at 24 mph

innov8 08-02-2006 2:42 PM

Agree 6'9 240 23 to 24

jonm 08-02-2006 5:48 PM

I agree 18 is too slow (unless you're my 12 year old sister kneeboarding). <BR> <BR>You've got a thumb, use it. Up for faster, down for slower. The driver should adjust the speed according to your personal preference (not to maximize fuel economy). <BR> <BR>Also remember that 18 on one boat speedo doesn't = 18 on another.

seanmcd 08-02-2006 6:27 PM

I think that every boat is so different that it is impossible to compare my '05 Tige with Perfect Pass to someones '97 (whatever) with dial speedo. <BR> <BR>I am 6ft, 220, and I like to ride at between 18 and 22. I feel that the extra speed only makes me catch an edge quicker, and fall harder. <BR> <BR>Back when I skied, I would always want to go faster, no matter what, so that I could leverage through the course at short line lengths to make up for my poor technique. I would want 36 or faster every time. <BR> <BR>Which is why I like to ride now, easier falls, more fun. <BR> <BR>I like the thumb system, up/down. How can you go wrong?? <BR> <BR>Sean

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