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brucemac 08-01-2006 11:34 AM

Looks like a pretty cool lake and supposed to be pretty warm. Just wondered if anybody could tell me more bout it and the surrounding towns?

jorellz 08-01-2006 1:48 PM

Hey there, <BR>I am new to the area up here, but the girlfriend grew up there. Says it is warm etc, however it is supposed to be pretty dirty. I actually may be down there this next weekend...if I do I will let you know what its like! <BR> <BR>Jase <BR> <BR>(Message edited by jorellz on August 01, 2006)

brucemac 08-01-2006 3:19 PM

yeah, please do, we may head up there next year and am curious about the water, where to stay etc. <BR> <BR>you can email me at <a href="mailto:brucemac@gmail.com">brucemac@gmail.co m</a> if you want. thanks again

bfa 08-01-2006 9:18 PM

On the BC side, Osoyoos is a pretty small town. We still had fun at the local bar. Lots of campgrounds. My husband and his buddies used to camp there every year until he met me and moved to Kelowna. The lake is very warm and the temps quite often get in the 40C range. There is tons of lakes around here, all great. If you are planning on going, let me know, I have friends who grew up there and still have family there and they could tell me more. We live 5min from the lake so we don't venture down that way much

pilot_ryder 08-01-2006 9:19 PM

been to osoyoos in b.c.

smooth_worm 08-01-2006 9:54 PM

Been there many times... nice lake, warm weather and water. Usually pretty calm too. Can get very busy though. Osoyoos is not a bad town.. its a small town packed with tourists. If you're looking for a town to hang out in while not on the lake definately hit up osyoyoos as there's not a whole lot going on in Oroville (WA). As far as shallow spots the only ones I can remember are down at the south end theres a couple in close to the shore and then there's the sand bar off Haynes Point.(just make sure you cross inbetween the bouys) Remember if you cross the border on the lake do not touch land! If you do the boarder cops will be all over your ass. <BR> <BR>If you get bored of Osoyoos Lake it may be worth a day trip up to Skaha Lake or Okanagan Lake (in Penticton) about 45 minutes north.

brad63 08-02-2006 12:58 AM

Dont waste your time. Way to many boats go up the highway 2 hours and go to christina lake no boats and sometimes warmer then osoyoos

doubleup10 08-02-2006 1:00 AM

I grew up here on Lake Osoyoos, and spend my summers here on the lake when I'm home from college. I really hate to brag on it, because for us locals there already is more traffic than we'd like. However, since you asked I'll share a bit. The lake is great for boarding. We were out from 12:30 to around 3 today and rode on near glass conditions. Went back out around 8 and rode until dark with the same conditions. A prevailing north wind in the afternoon means the south side of most points are protected and offer great riding. On the weekends, the lake can get busy, and sometimes the weekend warrior tubers will get the place full of rollers. However, you can usually always find a place to ride that isn't too bad, 24/7. My recommendation is to stay near one side. Countless times I see people trying to battle the waves in the middle when flat water is not far away. Our house is on the northernmost point on the American end of the lake, on the west side of the lake facing Canada. I haven't ridden at all on the Canadian side, but from all accounts it is much busier up there. I can't tell you water temps as we don't have a thermometer in the boat, but they are as warm as you will find in this part of the country. As far as the towns, Osoyoos on the northside of the border is a hoppin' little town in the summer, with tourists in for vacations. Oroville is pretty dead year round, but is a nice little getaway if that's what you are into. Accomodations are much better in Osoyoos, and there are many cool places to eat, drink, ect. I have to give a plug for a summer/vacation house I have for sale. If you are looking for a place on the lake, let me know. :-D <BR> <BR>Anyway, I hope this somewhat answers your question. We have a group of about 10 local riders that are out all the time and ride together, but other than that it is mostly tourists on the water. We have a white Mastercraft with a Monster tower, so if you see us flag us down and say hi. If you have more questions, feel free to email me <a href="mailto:pt_driver@hotmail.com">pt_driver@hotm ail.com</a>

smooth_worm 08-02-2006 6:18 PM

D.UP... whats the details on ur place for sale... send em over to <a href="mailto:mike.foster@telus.net">mike.foster@te lus.net</a>

brucemac 08-02-2006 7:58 PM

hey thanks, i'd be curious what you're selling too. email me back at <a href="mailto:brucemac@gmail.com">brucemac@gmail.co m</a> <BR> <BR>thanks for the response. we'll be there for sure Labor Day 2007, and may go earlier than that, but next season. i'm tied up the rest of this year. i'd really appreciate it if you or anybody else could recommend somewhere to stay. we're debating on tent/car camping, or finding a cabin/house on the water that has slips. sounds like those new Veranda Cottages are going to have rentals available next year, but I think they're only going to offer them for a week at at time and we're more insterested in a long 4 day weekend. any other tips on where to stay on the water would be way cool. <BR> <BR>thanks again <BR> <BR>(Message edited by brucemac on August 02, 2006)

smooth_worm 08-02-2006 8:08 PM

The veranna and the other place beside it are very nice and have pretty primo moorage facilities... I know atleast one of them has a small marina with a hydraulic lift in each slip.

smooth_worm 08-02-2006 8:09 PM

As far as camping Haynes point is pretty nice if you can get it... Just make reservations 3 months in advance and get there early to try and secure a waterfront spot.

doubleup10 08-03-2006 1:38 AM

Veranda Beach is a new resort complex being build on Turtle Bay, just south of where I live and on the east side of the lake. We pull in Turtle Bay often because it is close to our friends' house, and so we've been watching the day to day work on the resort. Wakeboarders the world over would cry if they could see the wakeboarding conditions that are going to be restricted from use by the completion of the resort. So far, nothing is built yet, but 40 cottages have been sold and ~40 more are being sold this month. The plan is for a nice marina, mooring facilities, and a water front restaurant to be built as part of the complex. A smaller resort is also being built on the south end of the lake on the mouth of the river. Both of these places are a long ways away from being useable, but who knows by next summer. As for places to stay, I know Osoyoos has some houses available where you can rent on the water front. There are also numerous water front hotels. Oroville has much more limited options, although it you were into camping there is a state park located on the south end of the lake that has nice launching facilities. <BR> <BR>Mike and Bruce, I'll send you emails so as to try and avoid hijacking the thread with my real estate projects.

smooth_worm 08-04-2006 12:37 AM

Ohh Veranda beach is the cabins being built... I confused it with the rowhouses built in Osoyoos (forget the name)

smooth_worm 08-04-2006 12:39 AM

Sorry there's no . in my email addy.. Just switched over to a new ISP. email should be: <a href="mailto:mikefoster@telus.net">mikefoster@telu s.net</a> <BR> <BR>Thanks...

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