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mark_ba 08-01-2006 7:44 AM

I'm a fairly new rider and 48 years old (love the sport). Any thoughts on fins in or out. I have a LF trip, and omega.

woohoo 08-01-2006 7:59 AM

Finless! Take the fins off it helps you learn how to edge right and gives you a looser feel.

seansmitty42 08-01-2006 9:23 AM

definately finless. way more fun

denverd1 08-01-2006 11:18 AM

<i>sans fins</i>

bradenb12 08-01-2006 1:21 PM

depends on the board...but i prefer finless

seanmcd 08-01-2006 1:44 PM

How about the outer fins on my board, an O'Brien Vision? I have been toying with removing them like I did with my old Evil Twin. Same advice, go without? <BR> <BR>Sean

buzz_grande 08-01-2006 1:54 PM

I ride my board finless (Absolute and Marius) and love it. It may not be for everyone, and really depends on the individual board. Best bet is take them off and give it a try.

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