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gobigorgohome 07-31-2006 8:33 PM

Yet another 'which board should I buy' thread. I've trialled the PS3 and the Watson, and I like them both. I had heard the Watson gave hard landings in the flats, but it seemed ok to me. And the reviews on Wakeworld didn't say that. <BR> <BR>Anyone with any opinions speak up!

tommyc 07-31-2006 8:52 PM

Its hard to find any Watsons around. The new ones come out soon, I think. But you can find PS3's.

iamnathanhudson 08-01-2006 2:56 AM

whoever said the watson lands hard is out of their mind....if anything the ps3 lands harder. The watson has the double concave on the bottom to make your landings nice and plush.

eccpaint 08-01-2006 3:23 PM

If you want the Watson, I have a brand new 138. PM me if you interested in it.

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