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chad_chinners 07-31-2006 3:37 PM

Had a great weekend this weekend. Lots of riding on glass all weekend. But on my last set I took a face\earplant and i'm pretty sure i perforated my ear drum. I know this is a common injury so i'm not too worried about it. Just wondering how long it takes for the ringing to stop. Its been a day. Thanks. And i did search but didn't find much on the ringing.

air_bordan 07-31-2006 4:33 PM

I did this last septmeber...hasn't stopped yet. I would go see a doctor because I think I waited too long. Believe me when I see the constant ringing gets pretty old when your trying to sleep.

chad_chinners 07-31-2006 4:57 PM

Thanks Jeff. Sorry that the ringing hasn't stopped. Its driving me crazy already. I'll make sure to see the doc. tomorrow then. How long was your hearing muffled.

jarrod 07-31-2006 6:08 PM

hearing can be muffled four 2-4 weeks. My experience has been close to 3. <BR> <BR>i hated it

zacky 07-31-2006 6:27 PM

You will know if you perforated your eardrum. My understanding is that is some of the most terrible pain. I bruised mine a couple of years ago while riding (crashing) and it hurt like hell. It took about four to six weeks before I could swim more than 5 feet under water (pressure). My equilibrium was all jacked up too..

thane_dogg 07-31-2006 6:38 PM

when I did mine, it didn't hurt all that bad, but it was about 3 months before my hearing felt normal again.

eubanks01 07-31-2006 6:44 PM

I perforated mine before on a failed HS 3 attempt. That was the most miserable pain I think I've ever been in wakeboarding...that includes broken ribs and a torn ACL/MCL. <BR> <BR>Definitely get it checked out as you'll probably have to stay out of the water for a little bit. Your hearing is not something you want to mess with long term.

chad_chinners 08-01-2006 1:59 PM

Just got back from the doc. It is a perforated ear drum but i may need surgery cause its a large tear. I'm glad i asked cause i would of been sitting around waiting for it to heal on its own. So thanks guys.

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