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malibu73 07-29-2006 8:42 PM

So today I was working on wake to wake and I fall, my knee goes into my elbow and my palm goes into my chin and slams my teeth together. One of my top front teeth is chipped pretty bad on the corner and one of my bottom front is chipped in the back and my two bottom front teeth are pretty loose. When it happened I got pretty scared because I could feel peices of my teeth in my mouth, not a good feeling.

_jason_ 07-29-2006 9:07 PM

Damn dude. Thats pretty intense. Its pretty crazy to think about all the random falls you can take wakeboarding. Even what you think can't happen...sometimes does. Theres those falls where you get up and say "wow i didnt even think my body could twist that way". Hope all is well, get better soon.

kempogoju_ross 07-29-2006 9:33 PM

Well I heard a local WI girl was wakeboarding on Okauchee lake and fell, messed up her knee so bad she almost died due to artery cut.....kind of a freak thing I guess.

live2wakeboard 07-30-2006 12:35 AM

"wow i didnt even think my body could twist that way" <BR> <BR>lol i was just saying that last month when i tried to go wake 2 wake and my board came up and hit me in the back of the head without coming off!!!

malibu73 07-30-2006 8:13 AM

Yeah so this morning i was brushing my teeth and a 1/3rd size chip off the back side of my tooth came off. Im really not liking this loosing parts of my teeth thing. Does anyone know if a dentist can glue that kind of stuff back on or what they can do about the loose ones?

gnelson 07-30-2006 8:24 AM

A dentist will be able to fix that pretty easily.

project3060 08-01-2006 8:41 AM

I would recommend that anyone who rides wear a mouth guard. I did not wear one and hit my knee to my face....etc....lost one tooth and severely displaced 3 others. I now were both a mouth guard and knee pads.

thane_dogg 08-01-2006 10:15 AM

let's see some pics of that!<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0>

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