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09-15-2002 4:08 PM

When doing a w2w jump, after the progressive edge, what do you do when you get to the wake. I've heard everything from lock you're legs to try and jump. What's best?

09-15-2002 7:38 PM

All u need to do is hold ur edge all the way through the wake and bend ur knees and at the top of the wake just push off the wake and ur will be flyin in air! good luck

sdboardr99 09-15-2002 9:37 PM

You don't want to try to "jump" at the top of the wake - you want to stand tall. That's what people mean by locking your legs - the point is that you don't want to absorb the wake with your knees or it will rob you of height. <BR> <BR>To get good pop you start with a progressive edge and load the line (tension on the rope because of your edging) then stand tall. If you do those things you will get both height and distance. <BR> <BR>I've found that it's easier to work on this technique by starting with a relatively short cut, meaning don't go way outside and then start you cut. The reason is that you will be coming into the wake so fast that it will be hard to keep edging and then stand tall. Just start your cut maybe 8 or 10 feet outside and focus on technique. If you do it right you will easily be able to clear the wake even though you're not making a big cut. <BR>

09-17-2002 6:46 PM

I agree with bill J. However when I was learning this trick I did go way out of the wake, untill the rope went loose.when it tightened back up it would give me a slight jerking pull. I used it to gain speed. So give it a try if ya want, when ya get beter try waht bill J said. His info is not wrong. Take care and keep wake boarding!

10-07-2002 6:10 PM

Stand on it cuz!!!

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