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hires_55 07-27-2006 1:26 PM

So I've been in that place about 3 times and everytime I go in there they are so freaking rude! The first time I went in there I was looking for a board and bindings and no one would even take the time to help me so I walked out. The 2nd was because they were having a sale on life vest and I put up w/ the rudeness because they were really cheap. My third, not to mention the last time I ever go in there, was because I'm looking for new bindings and heard that they demo. The guy was so rude about it! All I asked him was if they had a demo program and he just gave total adittude and was all like no because people keep taking advantage of it and it is too much liability for us. He then went on to say no one demos anymore because of this. I just replied that Cope & McPheters does. Seriously a simple no would have done. It isn't like the place has a great selection or anything. I only went there because it is close to where I work and I don't think asking for good customer service is too much! whoo...that feels better.

dakid 07-27-2006 1:40 PM

surf and skate doesn't have a demo program either, but their customer service isn't bad. but, copes here in sac is pretty damn good! especially that guys in rocklin are pretty damn cool. i've had bad experience with copes in the past but the guys in rocklin definitely made up for it.

tomcalabria 07-27-2006 1:48 PM

What is cool about surf and skate is that if you buy something that you do not like, they will exchange it for something else, no hassles no problems. I have used this program myself . So try it, if you do not like it get something else.

boarder_x 07-27-2006 2:37 PM

Hot H2O will sell you something. If you don't like it, they will exchange it too. <BR> <BR>Cope in Rocklin has been very good to me. I bought some 05 transits at boardersparadise.com. 13 months later they riped out. Cope exchanged them for the 06 transists, no questions asked.

wakeeater2003 07-27-2006 3:06 PM

I went to the ski world in pleasanton the other day, and the selection was hurting. It sucks since Copes bought them up. I used to deal with Brian in Castro Valley and he was real easy to deal with. <BR>Plus I don't know what is up with the people in there pushing CWB so hard (by the way ski world used to push blindside super hard until they went out of business). But my deal is this if someone comes in asking for bindings from a certain company and know what they want don't try to sell them on what your shop wants to push. <BR> I went home got on the internet and bought some 2004 temets for 150 bucks. Which I believe are some of the best bindings ever made. BCP MIke

hires_55 07-27-2006 3:21 PM

Yeah, I'm leaning more to purchasing on-line because you can get a better deal but I have really small feet so not all of the "small" bindings are smalls for me so I wanted to demo and try them on first.

stephan 07-27-2006 3:23 PM

I used to work at the Water Ski World in Santa Ana. It was hilarious, the owner hated wakeboarding. Luckily Tyler Irwin was managing the so-cal stores (before Wakesports) and he kept it fun. The owner used to only hire waterskiers which was funny as we sold 3x the wakeboards. We pushed Blindside like crazy because the owner was friends with Denny Kidder (owner of KD skis and Blindside). The product was decent but I always pushed LF back then and CWB was sub-par in those days. It's too bad it was bought out and is still lame. Try calling the sale person out. There's no need for an agenda.

boarder_x 07-27-2006 3:25 PM

Jamie, in that case, go to Cope, or HotH2O. Try on the different stuff, and then do the actual purchase online. Like shoe shopping. Just because you try it on, doesn't mean you have to buy it. <BR> <BR>(Cope has a huge selection, so you can try many different brands and sizes)

hires_55 07-27-2006 3:55 PM

Robb - where is HotH2O at? I've been to Cope and the only bindings that fit me were the LFMinx in smalls.

boarder_x 07-27-2006 4:03 PM

Hot is right next to the Centurian dealership on Folsom BLVD. ... Which is a block down from Larson marine. (Behind the gymnastics place)

hires_55 07-27-2006 4:05 PM

Awesome, I'm going to try and check it out after work. Thanks!

scott_a 07-27-2006 4:53 PM

how about you support the shops that carry the products? buying at a local shop helps them stay in business so that when you need your next pair of bindings (or board, etc) you can go back in and try some new gear on or demo it or whatever. if everyone were to buy stuff online it will run the local shop out of business.

kevin_garduno 07-27-2006 10:14 PM

Agreed Scott. If the people in your local shops are decent folks just trying to help you out, it's worth it to pay the extra few bucks to support them rather than some randoms on the internet.

klpnautique 07-27-2006 10:49 PM

Jamie- It is cuz you are so fine, they don't know what to do with themselves... <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0> Hey, Hot H2O rocks, their sister shop is here in the Pile (Butch's Boardshop) and they have great help at both places. Buy local, get it right, go play!!!

ak4life 07-28-2006 3:17 AM

I'm all for supporting local shops. Have had very good experience with Larson Marine in Stockton. Aside from selection, I feel the people who work at the store make all the difference and good customer service is king! larsonmarine.com <BR> <BR>On the other hand, have had great experience with some online stores and their customer service, especially buywake.com, wakeside.com, evogear.com.

byrd 07-28-2006 6:47 AM

It's a shame you guys dont have a Performance Ski &amp; Surf out there like we have in Orlando. They demo and are really nice to deal with. Sorry for your luck....

eazyryder136 08-03-2006 3:23 PM

Overtons All the way Baby....come to the one in raleigh,NC....we will get you straight. <BR>-chris

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