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tws_andrew 07-24-2006 5:16 AM

I am at the point where I can clear the wake easily boy hs and ts and am working on the height. My problem is that when I work for the bigger pop by really edging hard at the last second all the way through the wake I seem to get bucked off balance about half the time. I try to keep the handle down and look the out across the wake but it seems like I am going backwards. I tried leaving my wake smaller by using less ballast and that helped some but I really want to be able to get the pop down so I can start other tricks. Any tips?

alanp 07-26-2006 9:20 PM

andrew when i have newer guys out i generally have them go just a few feet outside of the whitewash to start the cut. if you have to go out further than this youre probably relying on speed not edge to get across the wake(this sounds like your problem since you arent getting much height). if you can clear the wake from just outside the whitewash youre probably on the right track. with that being said *dont* initiate a hard or agressive turn into the wake. let the boat turn your board and then slowly apply your edge, harder and harder up the face of the wake. stand tall at the top. alot of beginners dont stand tall they absorb the pop(height) with their knees. also dont break/bend at the waist. this is a killer. a good drill to get used to feeling what its like to weight your heels is to stand on your swim platform, grab the rope and just lean back. keep your back straight and knees slightly bent. visualize hitting the wake and standing tall at the top.

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