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boardnman 07-21-2006 2:18 PM

I have another question for you guys. I am trying to get down a crow mobe, i am getting the full spin landing on the board and have the handle in my hand on landing, but when i land my legs either buckle under me, or i land falling forward. I am landing this trick either in the wrapped position or in the cuffed position. any help on the landing. i will try and post a clip of if when i get a chance. thanks!

wakeeater2003 07-21-2006 2:58 PM

If you are going out the front that means you are really close. Usually the closer you get on mobes the harder the falls are but it is worth it because you are almost there. I would make sure you have your toeside 3 dialed landing wrapped. It makes a huge difference. <BR>The other tip I can give you is have the boat driver turn the boat a bit. IF you are left foot foward have him turn to the right. This will get rid of some of the line tension and make it easier to land. That is how I learned, then I started doing them with the boat going straight once I had learned to deal with the line tension. <BR> You will be pumped when you land it, crow mobe and huge heelside 5s are my favorite tricks to do. Good luck, BCP Mike

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