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jonblarc7 07-20-2006 6:36 PM

Mastercraft X-9 2002 <BR>Tower <BR>Wakeboard racks <BR>250 hours <BR>good condition <BR> <BR>Tige 22i 2004 <BR>Tower <BR>Wakeboard racks <BR>150 hours <BR>great condition <BR> <BR>both boats are about 30,000 <BR> <BR>I just haven't been behind either boat and was just wondering whicH one you thought had the best wake or is the better buy.

bbr 07-20-2006 6:38 PM

Take that money and buy a V-drive. You'll be waaay happier.

taylormade 07-21-2006 7:40 AM

^^ i concur

jarrod 07-21-2006 8:01 AM

yep...for 30K you can get a badass vdrive

showtime 07-21-2006 8:06 AM

the X-9 throws a very nice wake w/ just the stock ballast...and a small bow sack

denverd1 07-21-2006 8:33 AM

of the 2, MC. but i agree, there are better boats for the money

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