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04nautique 07-18-2006 4:48 PM

Wondering if anyone successfully negotiated the price down of a new boat? I was recently told by a dealer new boat prices are pretty much solid.

cawakeboarder12 07-18-2006 5:04 PM

The better the brand the more solid the price.

awf_axis 07-18-2006 5:16 PM

A few years back ('02), I negotiated an X-Star about $8k off the MSRP, and got $24k in trade for my '98 PS205 (Cope & McPhetres). I thought I had gotten a good deal...

kirk 07-18-2006 5:33 PM

It depends on a few things... <BR>If the dealer has been sitting on a boat for a while(maybe a color no one likes), they are more likely to negotiate a price. End of summer prices are more negotiable than in spring.

04nautique 07-18-2006 6:23 PM

Pretty much what I thought. I have an 04 Air Nautique 210 and looking to upgrade to the 220 but it has a 67K sticker with it....WAY TOO much for any boat!

oaf 07-18-2006 6:49 PM

If they don't want to negotiate in price then I would look else where. Find another dealer or have another brand that you like just as much then pit the two agaist each other. I am sure that they all have a built in profit for each boat sold. Every year they have "boat show discounts" or "off season sales".

supra24ssv 07-18-2006 6:53 PM

If you don't, you are crazy. I don't care about the brand there are huge markups on these boats and i promise some dealers want to sell more than others.

bigbird1031 07-18-2006 7:45 PM

i had several dealers tell me to buy local when i called around. it was hard to negotiate a good deal until i told the i was not close to any dealer. 2 hours from each. finally got the deal and trade i wanted

abadsvt 07-18-2006 9:52 PM

It also has to do with how many boats that dealer has sold. I was told that they get a rebate for a certain amount of boats they sell each year.

roughrivermike 07-19-2006 5:52 AM

It might also depend on how many boats the dealer can get. If they only get a certain amount of spray dates per season they will try to get the higher price for the boat.

rodmcinnis 07-19-2006 10:51 AM

Everything is negotiable. <BR> <BR>At the height of the season the dealer might not be willing to negotiate much. Wait until October and they will be a little more flexible. If they still have 2006 models sitting around next February I can assure you they will negotiate. The last thing the dealer wants is to have 2006 models on the lot when the 2007 models arrive. <BR> <BR>Boat shows are a great way to get deals, especially if you are interested in the newest model. If you are willing to place an order in February and wait until the end of March for delivery the deal can be pretty good.

jaybird 07-19-2006 11:17 AM

Just remember when negotiating you have to get the upper hand somehow. EVERYTHING can be negotiated it depends on a few things. <BR>1.timing is a huge factor <BR>2.you must be educated on the matter you cant negotiate without it <BR>3.you have to know what YOUR willing to pay and you have to be willing to through out that "walk away" card and go somewhere else if the dealer dosent meet your needs. <BR>4.Negotiate in good faith. If the dealer meets your needs and gives you the deal you ask for you have to be able to do it, your past the window shopping stage. <BR>I have negotiated some fairly large deals and havent ever felt like I got a bad deal because I stick to the rules and follow these simple steps. <BR>hope this helps, good luck <BR>JJ

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