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lhun090 07-18-2006 2:06 PM

Hello all. A few months ago I stumbled across a website that sold two products I am interested in. The first is a wakeboard rope recoiler and the second was a strobe light/beacon that you could activate when your rider fell. The light could be used instead of the flag and approved by the Coast Guard standards. Does anyone know the website? Thanks. TIM for San Diego

lzyboy 07-18-2006 2:36 PM

Tim, <BR> <BR><a href="http://ropewinder.com/" target="_blank">http://ropewinder.com/</a> <BR> <BR>Is the rope one, not sure bot the beacon thing you are describing... Hope the above helps... <BR> <BR>Lzy

acurtis_ttu 07-18-2006 2:47 PM

<a href="http://www.skireel.com/" target="_blank">www.skireel.com/</a>

lhun090 07-18-2006 2:57 PM

Those rope winders both look cool and thanks for the headsup. I am more interested in the light you can mount on the tower so you dont have to use the flag.

rodmcinnis 07-18-2006 3:08 PM

Tim: <BR> <BR> Where did you hear about a strobe light in place of a skier flag? <BR> <BR>First off, it is the states that establish the requirements for a skier down flag, not the Coast Guard. <BR> <BR>Second, the Coast Guard considers a strobe light to be a visual distress signal, so I doubt that they would approve it for use as a skier down signal. <BR> <BR>I know that sail boat people often get in trouble with the Coast Guard for using a strobe light instead of their running light. The sailors prefer the strobe light because it uses a fraction of the power and is many, many times more visible that the standard 10 watt white light. Many of the sailors disregard the Coast Guard regulations when crossing large bodies of water (like going from California to Hawaii) when they leave the helm untended all night. <BR> <BR>I would not recommend putting a strobe light on your boat if you ever intended to operate where the Coast Guard had a presence. For example, the California Delta.

lhun090 07-18-2006 3:30 PM

Strobe light might not me the correct word. More like a siren-like light that you flip on when the skier drops. It might be intended to be used in tandem with the flag, I threw that replace flag idea out there incase there was another solution. I am in San Diego, and its pretty crazy in some spots so I was looking for added rider down awareness. Thanks for the info and safe boating.

chqwakeboarder 07-18-2006 8:48 PM

Wait, what is the deal with a "skier flag." I've never seen or heard of such a thing and its required by law to have?

rodmcinnis 07-19-2006 12:26 PM

Chqwakeboarder: <BR> <BR>There are certain boating laws that are dictated at the federal level and then there are many more that are set by the state, and then even more that can be a requirement of the specific body of water (State parks, Federal Parks, County, etc.) <BR> <BR>You should become familiar with the laws of the state you are in and the waters in which you boat, especially the laws regarding hours of operation (many prohibit skiing after sundown), observers (many require an observer over the age of 12), PFD requirements (in California the ski vest must be Coast Guard approved) and the skier down flag. <BR> <BR>The skier down flag is a common requirement. I know that the following states (which are the states that I boat in) have such a requirement: <BR> <BR>Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, California, and Utah. <BR> <BR>I know that there are other states as well, but I am not familiar with their laws.

wakeslife 07-19-2006 1:15 PM

Anyone have any experience with the rope winder?

chqwakeboarder 07-19-2006 10:05 PM

Rob, I am very familiar with the New York State (I boat in western New York) boating laws and NY state does not require such a flag. But Rob, what do you do with a skier down flag and what exactly is it?

drewdown 07-20-2006 7:40 AM

You wave the flag to let other boaters know there is someone in the water. Its a red/orange flag that you wave, not really all that complicated. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.buywake.com/catalog/detail/ST_wRUsf" target="_blank">http://www.buywake.com/catalog/detail/ST_wRUsf</a>

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