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02-27-2001 5:06 PM

I just started wakeboarding last year and can get some pretty wicked air. I just started to do surface 180s and sideslides. I'm 12 and hope to someday wakeboard professionally. If anybody can give me pointers on begginer tricks please do. Thanks

02-28-2001 6:38 PM

Check out the trick list on the WW homepage

03-01-2001 8:26 PM

Hey there, if you want to ride pro one day, you have to get the basics down before you move on. Sure, you can go out tomorrow and learn a tantrum, be able to huck it to impress your friends. If you really want to progress quickly in the sport, you have to know the basics, have them dialed. If you are getting wicked air, work on some grabs. Also, IMPORTANT! ride switch, get to where you can ride switch and not be able to tell you are riding switch. This will help a whole lot in the future. When you get your air awareness down, and can jump both wakes easily, try some 180s, then grab them, then do 360s, grab them too, try a roll, tantrum, ts front. Your toeside and heelside, switch and regular should be dialed, and you need to learn all 8 yes 8 180s. switch and regular, frontside and backside. Understand how your board works, how to tense the line to whip you around inverts, how to pop off the wake, where to hold the handle. Basically, part of being a wakeboarder is understanding the physics of wakeboarding. Ok, I've probably confused you a whole lot now. If you want some explaination of this, just email me. Most of all, don't ride for anyone else but yourself. Have fun. <BR>Later <BR>Tiffanator <BR>LadyBoarder <A HREF="http://www.hometown.aol.com/jetskierxp/index.html" TARGET="_top">http://www.hometown.aol.com/jetskierxp/index.html</A> <BR>WakeDivas.com <BR>AIM Suprachickchick <BR><A HREF="mailto:TheLandroid@yahoo.com">TheLandroid@ya hoo.com</A>

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