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jfair 07-16-2006 7:28 PM

Another lame what would you do question but i need a little help... <BR> <BR>05 Malibu Wakesetter - Orange and white - 0 hours <BR> <BR>04 Malibu Wakesetter - Red &amp; Black solid not white - 100 hours <BR> <BR>Both Malibu's same price <BR> <BR>05 Calabria - Blue &amp; white - 65 hours - 12k less than Malibu's <BR> <BR>06 Calabria - Red &amp; Black - 0 hours - 10k less than Malibu's <BR> <BR>Also to factor into the equation is that i need to buy a commutor car for work. Currently spending $20 a day in gas with driving my truck. Do i buy the calabria's and get a commutor car or buy the malibu and no commutor car? Your thoughts would be great.

jaybird 07-16-2006 9:58 PM

row sham boe best two out of three <BR>JJ

yosquire 07-16-2006 10:06 PM

Get the Malibu and quit your job. Refocus the $20/day into boat gas. <BR> <BR>That wasn't hard to figure out. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>

cmeriptahoe 07-16-2006 10:15 PM

new malibu duhhh

liquidmx 07-16-2006 10:21 PM

Form over function for me. What are the options on the boats? Some options may help decide what to buy.

jfair 07-17-2006 7:25 AM

i like that one Craig but unfortunately i need to eat. <BR> <BR>The features are all pretty much the same. Factury stereo setup on all. <BR> <BR>Mu Oragne - 383 HH engine - CFT Tower <BR>Mu Red - Big 8.1 engine - Illusion tower <BR> <BR>Calabria - same for both - all stock

rebel_ma 07-18-2006 2:28 PM

Love our 05 Calabria! So I'm a little biased but I vote for that. Then you have a commuter car plus extra cash for the boat stuff/gas your gonna want/need/have to have. You don't want to be stretched so thin you can't afford to take the boat out!

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