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brian_l 07-16-2006 3:30 PM

hey guys, i may try to start wakeskating soon. ive done alot of skatboarding but im not sure if that will help me. i am about 5'8 and weigh about 125-130 on a good day. i have never wakeskated before but i want to get a board that will be good for everything, such as from beginner to me progressing to rails and kickers. not saying thats anytime soon, im just trying to think ahead. also id like to not spend a ton on a board, even a used board would be fine, but if i can find an ebay special that would work too. so any help would be greatly appricated.

brian_l 07-18-2006 12:38 AM

any help? i dont really know the pros and cons to wake skates and sizes etc.

dietwater5 07-18-2006 6:32 AM

i have an oak prodigal, still in very good condition. reason for selling is bc i just bought a new wakeskate. go to wakeskating.com i have an ad in the classifieds there with pictures. its good for wake to wake and your slider/rail. its the toughest wood board out on the market right now. many people on wakeskating.comhave them and they can vouch for it.

brian_l 07-18-2006 10:37 AM

great, id really like to buy used, but i just dont know the advantages or dis advantges to sizes. since im pretty new to it i dont want a really hard board to ride.

dietwater5 07-18-2006 5:04 PM

oh this board isnt hard. its just like any other concave wood deck. check their website out <a href="http://oakwakeskates.com/prodigal.html" target="_blank">http://oakwakeskates.com/prodigal.html</a> thats hte board i have. oak prodigal 41 inch blue. its honestly the best wood board out there right now. very very though. Oak company stands by their word when they say these boards are the strongest. all other wood boards delam in the first couple of weeks. ive have this since like march maybe and its still has not even delamed at all. trust me this board is good!

dietwater5 07-18-2006 5:05 PM

oh ya and 41" is like the normal size wakeskate that everyone rides

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