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alanp 07-15-2006 1:08 PM

hey thanks for all the tips you give on the board along with the instructional videos. the book has been a blessing to our sport and i have benefitted from it greatly(going from 2 inverts to 10 and adding a host of 3's and one 5 to my bag of tricks) i would like to say that if you guys ever improve on the book i would love to see real riders crashing on the tricks that are being taught. when you guys talk about common problems riders have with a trick, it would be great to see real riders crashing and advice on what they did wrong. i imagine that most people tend to crash similarly when learning new tricks. then the viewer that is trying to learn a particular trick would have a point of reference. i.e. "i crash most like x and the coaches say that when i crash like x i need to do y to correct the problem". <BR>again thanks for all your help on the board and the book. one day ill try to get down to camp. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by alanp on July 15, 2006)

mike_mclin 07-16-2006 5:25 AM

Yeah, we didn't go as far as to show common crashes, but we did make some of the riders do a few tricks incorrectly (for example: we showed a "frantrum" in the Front Flip section). Believe it or not, it is harder for the riders to do the tricks "incorrectly", than it is to do them correctly. I've been on "instructional photo shoots" where the photographer needed a shot of the trick with perfect mechanics, and then a shot of the same trick, but doing it incorrectly. It is hard to do the trick incorrectly when your muscle memory is used to doing them correctly.

skinautique2001 08-15-2006 6:33 AM

Mike, <BR>Maybe you guys should just hire me to show you all of the tricks incorrectly!

alanp 08-16-2006 2:26 PM

that was kinda my point. film the people while learning the tricks at the camp and show what they are doing wrong and tell us how to fix it. im sure most people commit the same errors while learning tricks

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