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rmm025 07-15-2006 7:04 AM

I have a SN2001 and will soon be buying a new prop. I have heard rave reviews on the 542 but limited info on the OJ. Any other info on the pros and cons of both would be a help. Price is no different so it comes down to really making a choice based on performance.

derby 07-15-2006 8:02 AM

Sorry I cant compare. But I have a 542 and with 1500 and a few bodies it works great. <BR> <BR>The 542 is an 11 1/2 so you gonna get a more out of the hole then the OJ. <BR> <BR>You may want to check over at CCFan. There are a few post with empirical data. If I recall the 542 won. <BR> <BR>Derby

hillbilly 07-16-2006 11:50 PM

My only complaint is the 542 seems to be easy to bend. I know you are not supposed to hit things with them but, On rare occasion I have. But I do like mine very much

boarditup 07-17-2006 7:16 AM

I sell both OJ and Acme. The OJ is a thicker blade than the Acme. From a repair perspective, the OJ is more durable for repairs. The Acme has a thinner blade and is slightly more efficient. It can take less damage than the OJ. <BR> <BR>There is no "perfect" prop. Each one is a combination of many judgements by the designer and mfgr that results in a compromise between many factors.

rmm025 07-17-2006 9:39 AM

Thanks for the info, I know just about everything on the 542 besides the fact that it is thinner. That doesn't bother me because I run in a deep lake that has very few spots where I would hit something while riding or hanging out.

highmarkco 07-17-2006 12:22 PM

Also, look at Karl's website, he's usually about $100 bucks cheaper than the dealer, with the price of gas you have to save where you can!

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