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paolad 07-14-2006 3:19 PM

I know I cant afford a custom ballast system right now so want to buy some sacs to use until I can save some cash to get it done. <BR>If I buy the bow sac that fits underneath the bow seat would that save me money in the future when buying a custom ballast system?? <BR>If so, does that go as well for the back right/left locker sacs? <BR>Right now, I have 2 fat buddies for my lockers and want to put some weight in the front to help out my wave for wakesurfing. Your thoughts and experience in this would be very much appreciated. <BR> <BR>Thanks

paolad 07-17-2006 2:40 PM


mjmurphy53711 07-17-2006 2:51 PM

You can plumb in fat sacs for a custom system you know, simer pumps run 75 dollars each.

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