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boardnman 07-14-2006 6:29 AM

So I am trying to land a Pete Rose. I am doing what seems to be a good method ts backroll to revert. but am having trouble rotating the last 180 i have been able to get the complete 360 once or twice but dont know what i did on those tries to allow me to come around. I didnt know if anyone knew of any secrets to help with the last 180. maybe i was thinking its in my approach to the wake, but not quite sure. thanks in advance for any advice.

mike_mclin 07-15-2006 8:32 AM

This is one of the only mobes that I never really got down. I used to do the ugly style Pete Rose, the one that looked like an "up style" hs roll to blind...anyways. I have been around them enough and have heard people talk about them enough, to where I can give you a few pointers. Apparently, it is all in the Roll to Revert. Setting up a good Roll to Revert is essential. You need to have a nice poppy roll, where the line tension stays tight throughout the trick. I would definetly recommend being able to do switch hs bs 180's too. Try to hold the 180's late, and then spin at the last second. That pull on the rope is what you are going to need to spin your final 180 at the last second for your Pete Rose. The rope should definetly be tight throughout the trick. That way when you pull for the final 180, the rope will respond for you. Also, I have heard that the pull you need to give the rope is very slight. I guess when your body is already heading in that direction, you only need a slight pull on the rope to complete the rotation. Like I said, to practice this pull, I would master my switch hs bs 180s. I would also be comfortable landing them with the handle pass, landing them in the wrapped position, and landing them in the cuffed position. You figure the more landing positions you are comfortable with, the more chances you have of pulling this trick out.

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