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ironcross25 07-13-2006 7:42 AM

I have a n 86 supra and four part of the stringers to be rotten under the drivers seat. I know there is more rot. I live in ohio and would like to get the floor and stringers redone. any idea of cost and or what it takes to DIY? any infoe or help will be awesome. Thanks <BR>nick

07-14-2006 4:04 AM

Floor and stringers by a boat repair, $5000. Yourself, $500 if you have the tools. Need a compressor to run a die grinder to cut out the floor. Chisels and pry bars to rip the old floor out. 1/2" exterior ply wood, fiberglass resin, Fiberglass, etc.

ironcross25 07-20-2006 7:01 AM

Doug, <BR> I would like to see some pics if you have done this. Also what do you use to yank the motor?? My picker wont lift the motor that high. I love $500 and Hate $5000 but am just wondering how hard it would be to get the motor it the exact location once new motormount stringers are replaced. Any more input on this would be great. Thanks

07-20-2006 7:19 AM

My buddy just did a 23' Supra floor and stringers. Fortunately he had a high-low available for pulling the engine. You can call your local tow truck company, and they can pull the engine and set it down for you.

hillbilly 07-20-2006 10:14 PM

I had to remove one of the tires from my trailor and it gave me just enough clearance to get the motor over the gunnel

trace 07-21-2006 8:04 AM

I've pulled an engine by winching it into a tree with a comealong, and pulling the boat out from under it.

will5150 07-21-2006 8:37 AM

Isn't that covered under the lifetime warranty?

rodmcinnis 07-21-2006 9:32 AM

To get the engine out of the boat you have several options. <BR> <BR>1) Build a frame over the boat using a 4x8 beam and some 4x4 legs. Lift the engine up using a come-along or chain hoist. Pull the boat/trailer out of the way. <BR> <BR>2) Get the engine all disconnected, take the boat/trailer down to someplace that has some overhead anchor point. I would be tempted to find an empty industrial building that had a loading dock with an overhead I beam. Back the boat up, attach you chain hoist, pull the engine, back a truck in, lower the engine into the truck, drive away! <BR> <BR>3) Many boat dealers have a crane that they use for lifting new boats off the delivery truck. You might be able to work a deal to use their crane to lift the engine out. <BR> <BR>4) If your boat is still operable I would go to the "find a third" part of these forums and offer free pulls to anyone who has a backhoe or forklift. <BR> <BR>I would recommend option 1. Getting the engine out is the easy part, getting it back in will be a bitch. You are going to want to be able to take your time while you get the engine mounts figured out.

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