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02-26-2001 2:15 PM

Sometimes my raley's come out fine and other times it seems that I want to go into a semi backroll. I tried to make sure I was cutting all the way through the wake but for some reason I sill turn. What can I do to help me stay straight while in flite? <BR> <BR>Thanks in advance, <BR>Josh

02-28-2001 7:55 AM

I try to keep my body square to the boat with equal pressure on both feet. when I hit the wake I keep my eyes on the horizon.....I was doing the same thing for a while. I was landing on my back and landing switch accidentally. just keep shoulders square to boat and keep head up and look out over the boat

04-02-2001 2:57 PM

How about a Frontside Raley, what's the story? <BR> <BR>thanks <BR>bryan

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