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zak_winkler 06-20-2006 5:29 PM

our ski platform is goin to hell the traction or whatever you want to call it is peeling off and its not good i was woundering if there is something to replace it with or what thanks.

josnow1 06-20-2006 5:53 PM

Gator Grip...Im waiting for my pad to start coming off my 06 Centurion so I can try some.

fyrdawg29 06-20-2006 6:31 PM

Second the gator Grip.... awesome stuff

zak_winkler 06-21-2006 6:38 AM

thanks guys now where can i get some of this stuff is there a website

josnow1 06-21-2006 7:51 AM

<a href="http://wakejunky.com/" target="_blank">http://wakejunky.com/</a>

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