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reddog25cf 09-04-2002 4:30 PM

Could someone please give me some tips on jumping wake to wake toeside. I'm tired of having to just practicing w2w hs and trying tricks, then if I land it, just slowly go back to the other side of the wake.

reddog25cf 09-04-2002 4:46 PM

Nevermind... just found the post on this subject further down the page.... my bad... gonna try this weekend if i get the balls...

eyesman 09-04-2002 4:51 PM

Sean, <BR> <BR>I will give you right foot in back instructions. <BR>The key is keeping the handle at the waist level. <BR> <BR>-Pull out about 15 feet. <BR>-Ride flat for a second or two <BR>-Edge change and ride a progressive edge toward the wake <BR>During the step above look across the wake at where you are going AND pull on the handle with your right arm so that your forearm is close to or on your right hip - HOLD this position up and off the wake while maintaining straight forward eye position <BR>-If you cannot seem to clear the wake, you may need to shorten the rope to practice your toesides to get you up to par with your already strong heelsides at a long length. <BR>-Some people find it easier to let go with their rear hand upon landing so that you can easily land on you toeside edge to edge away from the boat without the force of holding on with your rear hand pulling you off your toeside edge. <BR>-take them moderately - no need to go balls out when learning toesides. <BR> <BR>good luck

awf_axis 09-05-2002 11:32 AM

Being an old dude, and not into pain, I suck on Heelside, but my Toeside is fair. The thing I do is lock both legs (stand straight at least, and keep your back straight, not hunched), tuck my elbow into my kidney (Goofy, so left elbow to left kidney), and lean like a slalom skier into the wake. With the legs locked, and solid edging, I get pretty consistent height and distance. <BR>By keeping the handle low (with elbow to kidney), the flight over the wake causes no change in body position. Just don't flatten out as you hit the wake. Pretend its not there, and keep your legs straight. <BR>

reddog25cf 09-05-2002 4:52 PM

Sounds so easy.... hehe... we'll see if it works out

09-09-2002 11:19 AM

Well, went out and tried it this weekend. The spectators on the boat said I cut really well and had good handle position and looked comfortable in the air, but when i landed i seemed to bounce and just couldn't stick it. Any suggestions from here?

09-09-2002 1:43 PM

Try pulling just enough to land on the backside of the second wake in the beginning....when you land on it keep weight on your back foot (60% back-40% front) if you put to much weight on your back you'll just slide out...so experiment. When you feel the board on the water try to pump out of the wake as well. Stay center on your board and just suck your knees up when you hit. When you take it to the flats do the same thing just absorb like a mofo....if your butt touches the water it's ok....as long as you ride out of it. The easiest thing that could probably explain all of it is to think about the first time you landed w2w heelside.... just remember that everything is on a different edge.

09-09-2002 4:13 PM

So should I stomp the landing, THEN continue to edge out?

09-12-2002 4:43 PM

I FINALLY LANDED IT YESTERDAY!!!! now it's time to get good at it.... hehe

09-15-2002 3:04 PM

I'm trying to do toeside jumps, and I do everything that ppl above have said, but I always end up face planting. What am I doing wrong?

sdboardr99 09-15-2002 8:39 PM

Probably bending at the waist, or at least leaning too far forward. You want to keep your back straight and lean back. It's taken me most of the summer to get this right and I still sometimes bend at the waist when I try to cut really hard. <BR>

dakid 10-09-2002 5:54 AM

This is from an email to the Wakelist from Steve Jones of NorCal. <BR> <BR>Toeside is awkward at first. This may not work for you, but here's my 2cents. Maybe this will help you. <BR> <BR>1- I would start by cutting toeside a few times outside the wake (like your cutting out and setting up for a heelside jump.) Start just outside the wake and progressively lean out toeside. Don't try to jump anything yet, just cut out a few times. <BR> <BR>2- Get the body position dialed. Over your toes, both hands on handle, handle pinned to your lead hip, standing tall and upright. <BR> <BR>3-Practice this cut faster (progressively harder) and faster, until you are confident with the speed and body position at the end of the cut. <BR> <BR>4- Do 5-10 cuts and at the end of each cut do a bunny hop (ollie) and land back on your toeside edge. That is how your landing/edge should feel on the wake to wake version. Holding that toe edge is key. <BR> <BR>5- If you like, try some inside outs on a long line at a slower boat speed. If you fall, you won't get worked. <BR> <BR>6- For the wake to wake, I would make the rope 5-10 feet shorter than normal, have your boat speed at normal, and go for it using the same body position and toe edge as described above. <BR> <BR> <BR>Notes: <BR>1-You can cheat on this trick when you're learning it. If you come in with enough speed and stay on your toeside edge, with the handle pinned to your hip, you can olle off your back foot at the top of the wake and it will pop you over the wake. <BR> <BR>2- As a rule when your learning, your back hand will tend to let go automatically in the air. (It's normal.) After a few successful jumps, you will figure out how to keep it on the handle. Don't sweat this. <BR> <BR>

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