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ncboarder 06-20-2006 9:55 AM

Looking for some help on what i should be paying for a new Xstar. base pricing

acurtis_ttu 06-20-2006 10:21 AM

prices vary depending on region. try using the search function, and remember it's not like buying a car...there are a few other important factors to consider.

pittsy 06-20-2006 10:30 AM

under 70 fully loaded...in orlando, fl

ncboarder 06-20-2006 10:45 AM

Adam what factors are we talking <BR> <BR>Matt is that with mcx engine,jump seat, Hydraulic steering,fiberglass platform.xtra twin balast in front and rear ?

pittsy 06-20-2006 4:10 PM

It is with mcx, different prop, i didn't want the jump seat, bow filler, didn't want to fiberglass platform, got the teak, and extra rear ballast, shower, heater, lights, tower speaker, cargo bimini. <BR>I didn't want the front..i use full back ballast and no front ballast..i never fill the KGB sack, usually 2-3 people like to sit in the front..i like the wake the way it is when i fill just the back and it planes no problem and its not steep!

dubs_ucla 06-20-2006 6:28 PM

is under 70 fully loaded pre-tax?

pittsy 06-20-2006 8:47 PM

Wayne...under 70 fully loaded is OUT THE DOOR <BR> <BR>A couple weeks of negotiations with the dealer is how i got that price! Also i bought a 03' xstar from them 3 years ago..

driving 06-21-2006 4:50 AM

Rich, <BR> <BR>You only want the hydraulic steering if you are going to be salt water. <BR> <BR>T

xesstar 06-21-2006 5:49 AM

Lucky you don't live in the UK they cost over $100,000 fully loaded!!!! (tax, import costs etc)

xesstar 06-21-2006 5:50 AM

Oh and the weathers so $$$$ that we only get to ride for a couple of months!

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