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man 06-19-2006 5:06 PM

I've had a Mariah since 1988,still in good shape. <BR>My kids are starting to board so looking for a boat.Down to: X30,Avalanche,Enzo or a Wake Setter? Like snap in carpet.Want it to last another 10-15 years. <BR>Would like info on wake,quality &amp; ride. <BR>

michael_h 06-19-2006 6:02 PM

sanger 215 or 230 try it

mike_gilbert 06-19-2006 6:09 PM

Im not really a fan of the X30, personal vindetta I suppose, of that list go with the wakesetter if its a vlx, where are you located? If on the west coast second on checking out sanger. Supra makes some killer boats, and Im partial to nautiques. Broaden your options, especially if you want to keep this boat for 10-15 years.

scheersound 06-19-2006 6:16 PM

Add the Nautique SV-211 to your list it may be just what you are looking for.

ef3529 06-19-2006 6:25 PM

All of them are really good boats. I am partial to the Avalanche but like all of them. I like the ride, wake shape, and walk through transom on the Avalanche. Anyone will tell you to drive and ride all before you buy. After that the dealer should be your next decision. The wakes on all four you mentioned are very different as well. Good luck.

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