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mitchm 06-19-2006 1:31 PM

Wanted to add an in-line fuse to protect my Clariion 5 chan 600W amp. Any suggestions on size/type? Thanks for any help!

newty 06-19-2006 3:17 PM

10 amps for every 100 watts. <BR>Get a circut breaker they are easy to reset and you don't have to replace fuses. <BR><a href="http://electronics.listings.ebay.com/Installation-Products_Circuit-Breakers_W0QQsacatZ32813QQsocmdZListingItemList" target="_blank">http://electronics.listings.ebay.com/Installation-Products_Circuit-Breakers_W0QQsacatZ32813QQsocmdZListingItemList</a> <BR>

acurtis_ttu 06-19-2006 4:07 PM

I second the circuit breakers, alot better than using fuses. <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/337120.jpg" alt="Upload">

mitchm 06-19-2006 7:29 PM

Thanks guys, breakers sound like the way to go

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