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jeffnel 06-18-2006 9:06 AM

Has anyone had any experience adding fat sacs to the existing ballast system in a Nautique SV 211?? <BR> <BR>

clubmyke 06-18-2006 10:06 PM

got this from tyler and mikeski... <BR> <BR>-400 lbs of lead (pop products)3 each locker and 2-3 in the front and 1 to move around).. <BR>-rear ballast full <BR>-belly 1/2 to 2/3 full <BR>

nautyboy 06-19-2006 12:27 PM

I heard that the set-up that Tyler, Mikeski &amp; Clubmyke use works well. <BR> <BR>I have found that the sickest set-up with a fatsack is: <BR> <BR>-All stock ballast full <BR>-750 lbs. fat sack running lengthwise in the back (the fat sack should be touching the back cushion and stop right before the driver seat) <BR>-3 people behind windshield (driver &amp; 2 Paxs) <BR>-3 people midship (one on each side of the fat sack and one sitting on it) <BR> <BR>No added weight in the bow! This boat likes to be stern heavy. This set-up provides a super rampy wake with a little lip at the top. It is really thick and will for sure pop you like mad. <BR> <BR>I know a lot of people say you don't need that much extra weight to get a good wake on the 211. This is true, but if you want it to get really hard, then there is no substitute for weight (it's physics). <BR> <BR>Have fun!

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