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silverlude 06-15-2006 9:41 PM

Anyone know of companies who buy used transmissions. We replaced ours and want to sell old one so someone can rebuild it for resale, hate to junk it. It's a Borg Warner 1:1 ratio out of a 94'MC 205. (Had some shaft,strut, prop damage, so tranny got replaced as well for good measure)

snyper1d 06-15-2006 9:57 PM

??? Why did you replace the tranny? I have seen very hard hits to the shaft and strut, but never seen a tranny go out cause of it. The velvet drives are very tough drives, I dont understand how you could damage it that bad to where you need a replacement just from a hit to the underwater gear.

showtime 06-16-2006 5:13 AM

Brian, call Hale Marine in Warsaw Va. or call Skidim --they both are in the market -- better yet, what will you take for it, i may purchase it from you?

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