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west 06-15-2006 7:45 PM

Has anybody heard of these speakers? If so how do you like em? What would you consider a good buy for a set of 4?

edandgem 06-15-2006 8:21 PM

I have 4 6x9s on my tower and They are the best speakers that I have ever had. I had Kicker speakers on my last Boat and they are not Close to my Polk. Go for it Bro. <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/336223.jpg" alt="Upload">

west 06-15-2006 9:11 PM

Thanx alot. If u dont mind, how much were the set of 4?? I was quoted around 700, is that a decent price??

cyclonecj 06-16-2006 6:18 AM

I have the Momo's on my tower, they rock. Excellent SQ and you can hear them at the end of the rope. I bought them on Ebay for about 150$/pr. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/336269.jpg" alt="Upload">

garret_s 06-16-2006 7:24 AM

I have the monster cans with the Polk DB...well I can't remember the make. Anyway, they sounds great, very clear, and also can be blasted before they distort. Amazing bass for a 6".

robertt 06-16-2006 7:35 AM

I have 4 Polk MOMOs, there are a few different types, mine are the 3ways with the crossover. I wanted full range on mine, and they deliver. <BR> <BR>Mine were about 190 a pair, good stuff. <BR> <BR>The other thing that I like about the Polk stuff is that although it is not "marine" it is marine certified. They specifically say that it is good to go in marine applications. <BR> <BR>I dig mine, and they are very cool looking too!

elleduke 06-16-2006 8:52 AM

I have 4 DB6500 Components. They sound great at 75' back. I am using a MTX6004 to push them. I purchased mine from Crutchfield when they were having buy one pair get the second pair half off so it was around $250-300.

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