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killjoy951 06-15-2006 12:10 PM

i was flipping through the pages of the press enterprise and i saw a small article that i wasnt to stoked about. for the 2006 season there will be no wakeboard competition slot inthe x-game's roster. i guess ther=y are going to hold a small slider jam outside of staples center but as far as a wake to wake comp goes, they're not havin it. this decision was made to condense the event to staples center and home depot center. some of you know this information and some of you are reading about it for the first time, but if you dont know, well now you know.

dakid 06-15-2006 12:14 PM

no offense but... <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/324280.html?1147388865" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/324280.html?1147388865</a> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by dakid on June 15, 2006)

killjoy951 06-15-2006 12:48 PM


stepintoliquid 06-16-2006 11:20 AM


wakeriderixi 06-16-2006 11:28 AM

Nice response Rico!@

pittsy 06-16-2006 12:24 PM

yeah..this was out over a month ago!

killjoy951 06-16-2006 12:37 PM

hey thanx nothing like an entire thread on cutting me down.drreams really do come true.

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