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bbr 06-14-2006 9:50 PM

WOOOHOOOOO!!! Finally after a month and a half of waiting, I get my 06' 21V with all the goodies!! I'll make sure I get the pics up tomorrow or the next day.

06-15-2006 8:46 PM

sweet brother... I'm loving my 06 21v...

antbug 06-15-2006 9:07 PM

Poser ~ When are we riding that new beauty?

bbr 06-16-2006 7:58 PM

Man, all I can say is its FRICKIN SWEEET!!! I love it. Gonna take it out tomorrow in the am to get some hours and run it through the RPM range, all the normal stuff. While we're out, gonna play with the weight and get her dialed. I'll try to get some pics up tomorrow sometime. <BR> <BR>Bug-- when you gonna head up this way again? Missed you the last time. Have to do it soon.

_jason_ 06-16-2006 9:42 PM

Yeah that 21v is an awesome boat. I was very surprised by it when i rode behind it a couple weeks back. Great boat! cant wait to see some pictures bbr!!

bbr 06-18-2006 8:15 PM

Well, here she is. I'm in love.

bbr 06-18-2006 8:17 PM

Dammit, I have to crop it, but if I do that, you can't see the whole boat!! Can anyone help me out? What the hell? <BR> <BR>How do you decrease the pixel size so I can put up the whole pic up?

wakeslife 06-18-2006 8:34 PM

go into paint and go to stretch/skew, and reduce the percentage, save, and upload.

schackdaddy 06-18-2006 11:51 PM

microsoft picture manager. It allows you to resize images. It comes standard if you have office 2003.

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