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clubjoe 06-13-2006 3:09 PM

I have an 05 Pro-V, and run with ballast full (750lb) an appx 400lb sac in the nose, 360lb in each locker, and appx 200 lbs lining the passenger side to keep the wake even. The motor is 330hp. <BR> <BR>It seems to be taking longer than I would expect to plane, compared to -other- weighted boats I have driven. Will changing the prop help this, or just be easier on the boat? Any prop suggestions, or other weighting scenarios? Is this just what I get for having a bigger boat? <BR> <BR>I crash equally well on any wake, but prefer rampy over vert. (Damn your VLX, BUZZ!! <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0> ) <BR> <BR>Any Pro-V riders or owners or others with 1st hand info to share? Thanks in advance... <BR> <BR>---JOE--- <BR> <BR>

phaeton 06-14-2006 6:23 AM

Yes reprop. 13 X 16.5 or 13.5 X 16 is a great choice. Give Acme a call. Adjust your cavitation plate down 1/8" - 1/4" from level. Move weight around in the boat forward to rear to change the wake shape.

sydwayz 06-14-2006 5:38 PM

Put more weight between the driver and observe( between the widsheild, not too far forward) this and the plate adjust. And yes reprop to Phaeton's suggestion. Note: with weight you will increase speed also. 22-24mph.

clubjoe 06-15-2006 1:53 PM

Thanks for the suggestions! <BR> <BR>My nose weight is in the walkway, and I usually run with 3-4 peeps total (occasionally 5).....What kind of weight setups do you guys have?

phaeton 06-15-2006 2:23 PM

Close to 1000#'s in battery's, boxes and stereo gear under the passenger and drivers dash along with tower speakers. Stock ballast no other weight needed.

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