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mcxstar 06-12-2006 8:00 PM

Question for everyone. First time out this year today. My perfect pass doesn’t seem to engage. It monitors speed just fine, turns on just fine, beeps when it gets to the right speed, but just keeps going. Im guessing the servo motor has a problem. From what Im reading, I should be able to freely turn the knob on the back of the motor and it wont budge… Im desperatly in need of some help. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by mcxstar on June 12, 2006)

three6ty 06-12-2006 9:02 PM

same thing that happened to me. <BR> I took the black knob off. <BR>sprayed a tiny amount of liquid wrench at the base of the shaft . <BR>Took a pair of vise grips and latched on to the shaft. <BR>Started working the shaft back and forth. <BR>It eventually came loose and then the lubricant took over and freed it completely. <BR>It now works perfectly and I didnt have to buy a new servo motor. <BR>Try it out and see if it works. <BR>

tonysdad 06-18-2006 5:10 PM

Eric, how long did it take you to get the shaft freed? I've been working on mine for a while now and can't get it loose. It will not budge an inch...

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