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showtime 06-12-2006 12:39 PM

pics would help.. is it easier than it looks. what technique is needed...???

doogles 06-20-2006 10:49 AM

Not to tough, just takes on heck of an uphill battle to allow yourself to let the baord go. When I do this trick, I take a cut from about 15-20 feet out. I bend my knees a little bit more than I do on most my toeside tricks, as I feel it gets my hips in better position. Then take a progressive edge. As you get to the trough of the wake, you can really take advantage of having a squattier stance and punch your hips up and away from the boat. This will also help you on edging all the way thru the wake. As the board realeases into the air, let go with your rear hand and reach for the grab. If you do it right, and big, the baord will float up a little over you head and then it will come down pretty naturally as you come back down from the jump. If you dont get it all the way up, you might have to give the rope a little tug to snap your feet back down under you. Although this trick takes s a little confience, I never really got worked on it. Since your kind of turned backwards from the boat when you do it, if you do eat it its mostly just to your hip and/or side, not right to the chest or back. Gooc luck

alanp 06-20-2006 1:36 PM

chad quick question. did you learn the bat wing prior to a ts raley? also do you do ts backrolls? if you do is the hip position similar to the ts backroll when starting the trick(mine are forward. thanks alan

doogles 06-20-2006 1:47 PM

Alan, I did learn the batwing before a toeside raley. In fact, I still have never even tried a toeside raley. Maybe I will try on tomorrow...we'll see. I do do toeside backrolls. However, my hip position ends up being quite a bit different. On a TS backroll i come in with a little bit more speed early on, and pop it straight up and do a gainer type flip. I've tried to do them with more of a batwing edge and hip position and I have trouble getting a good tight rotation as the board shoots our behind me from the hip thrust.

alanp 06-20-2006 8:21 PM

ok thanks im trying to learn o/a 3s but i think this may be a quick trick to learn and might give it a go. thanks

pittsy 06-20-2006 10:04 PM

alan the o/a toe 5s are easier than the 3! try those if you want to spin!

curtbernstein 07-06-2006 9:58 PM

What's easier... a Toeside Batwing or a Heelside Raley?

canaday 07-07-2006 10:12 AM

depends on you

canaday 07-07-2006 10:12 AM

If you have a good toeside edge then maybe the batwing, however if you're all heelside then probably the raley

curtbernstein 07-08-2006 4:35 PM

Well Im about even I'd say... My core tricks are (in order of how well i can do them): Tantrum, Scarecrow, HS 360, TS 540, Frontroll, Whirlybird... (to name my most solid tricks).. I dont know what to try first off the boat though... (Raley or Batwing). I can get a little bit better edge heelside, but i feel lest vulnerable to dying attempting the batwing... What do ya think? ... by the way... I can raley off a kicker when riding cable...

canaday 07-10-2006 10:10 AM

Most people can feel more comfortable doing a heelside edge, but with the batwing, it's a progressive edge pushing your hips and board up to the sky, while the raley is just a balls out move. It's not difficult really but getting control over your body/fear of bailing is the most difficult part.

geoff_isringhausen 09-21-2006 11:33 AM

throw a raley on the wakeskate until you have the feel of it down. Then throw it on a smaller wakeboard than you normally ride. that's how i learned Raley's and toeside krypt's.

09-22-2006 1:12 PM

I do almost the same tricks than you, scarecrow, tantrum, hs 5, ts 5, backroll, some switch move and learned the cabwing (switch hs oa 180 indy) first and landed it first time. I also landed batwing a few attemps later and still can't do a raley. At cablepark I can do big indy glide, oriental, OHH, Hochies, Krypt and almost 313 but can't do a simple raley behind the boat....

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